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Girlfriends Gift

Friday, November 30, 2012

This was what I gave a few of my best girlfriends last year (because you can't expect me to post this year's).

A quick little quilted pouch with my favorite nail polish, by Rimmel and a Stila Lip Glaze, which I bought solely based on a Pioneer Woman's post. (although since using the glaze, i haven't been impressed, fyi.)

What are you giving the girls in your life?  how about the father-in-laws?  just kidding.  not really, i need ideas! 

Finished Cardinal Pillow

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wow!  Thanks for the input.  I loved hearing your thoughts.  And without them, I never would have gone in the direction I did.  This is what I ended up with:

I continued the branch down and toward the right so I could use white on the three sides of the left half (or third?).  It's not perfect but I think it still works.   Hope Mom likes it!

Linked up to Crazy Mom Quilts' Finish It Up Friday.

Learning Toys Gift Ideas

Friday, November 25, 2011

For the past couple of years I've posted a few Handmade Holidays ideas.  I may still do that, but this year I thought I'd share a list of quality toys that either my kids have already received as gifts or are on our wish list.

For the Musician

Lap Harp (HearthSong)
Hand Bells (HearthSong)

For the Scientist

Butterfly Nursery (HearthSong)
Star Theatre (HearthSong)
Potato Clock (Amazon)

For the Crafter

Spool Knitter (Overstock)
Lap Loom (Rainbow Resource)
Easy to Make Moccasin Kit (Vision Forum)
For the Builder

Wall Coaster Ultimate Marble Run (HearthSong)
MagFormers (QVC)
Lego Advent Calendar (Amazon, Target)
For Outside Play

Three Man Sling Shot (Vision Forum)
Mini Trampoline (HearthSong)
Plasma Car (Amazon-although we use ours strictly indoors)
For the Toddler

Shape Sorter (IKEA-great wooden toys)
Cloth Bible (Veritas Press)
Play Food (IKEA)

What toys do you recommend?

ps: One Thankful Mom's posted her family's Top 20 Toys . As a mom of 11, she would know, right?)

London Stamp Set

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Just got this cute stamp set from Yellow Owl Workshop for a project I'm finishing up...

So I put the stamps to use for an anniversary card for my parents-who will someday soon get back to the beautiful city.

Happy Anniversary, Mom + Dad!

Duck Tape Wallets

Monday, March 14, 2011

We were invited to a birthday play-date for a homeschool buddy who turned 8 last weekend.  
His mother said no gifts, just come.  

I totally get that, and when we do friend birthday parties, I say the same thing.  But it still feels kind of lame to show up empty handed.  Since this was one of Belle's friends, I thought she could bring him something she had made.  

So we made him a duct tape wallet and then made a couple more.

We used Duck Tape Brand tape that we picked up from Target. 

There are loads of tutorials out there.  But we used Crafts by Amanda's, which was made by kids and had plenty of pictures.  

What do you do when the invitation says, "No gifts, please"?

I'm linking up to TCB's Get Your Craft On-thanks for hosting, Kim!

DIY Valentines

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Today was a snow day.  Even though snow hardly affects our ability to do school, I usually try to let the kids experience the idea of a snow day.  I loved those days as a kid- waking up, peeking out the window shade to white and instantly knowing-NO SCHOOL!  I want my kids to remember that feeling too.  

So on my snow day, besides finishing three loads of laundry, I played at the sewing machine.  

The valentine envelope was very simple.  I cut two squares in scrap fabrics-I think mine were something like 9"x 9".  I also cut another 9x9 square of fusible webbing, which I ironed onto the back of the outer square.  Maybe it would have been better to fuse it to the back of the inside layer, so it wouldn't have looked as wrinkled...I don't know.  

Sew right sides together, trim, turn inside out, press, stitch again around the border.  Blah, blah, blah.  You know how.  I hand-stitched where the three side come together.  But not until after I added a stamp and stitched My Love on the front.  

And can you see the scallops on the card?  That was the-you guessed it- 'scallop' stitch on my Brother machine sewn onto white card-stock.  I love how it turned out.  Even if you didn't have time to make the envelopes-the cards are a simple, quick project. I think I'll use a few minutes of tomorrow's snow day to make a few more.

Hope you're staying warm, wherever you are!      

DIY Quick Baby Shower Gift: Back Up Bag

Monday, January 17, 2011

    Over the weekend I gave a back-up-bag to a friend who's expecting a baby girl next month.  

I told her to put this in her car and forget about it.  Until the day when the diaper bag is out of diapers and she is out somewhere and really needs one. and a spare outfit.  you know those days.   

what I used: (I included a must-have pacifier clip, too)  

all ready to go:

It's not much, but that's the point. 
Do you keep a back up bag for anything?

This post is linked to TCB's Get Your Craft On.  

Handmade Holidays: Perfect Last Minute Gift for Moms

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Or for know, a "merry christmas to me" thing. 

For months now-- ok, really since school started, I have struggled getting my older kids to stay on task from one assignment to the next...they'd want a break, or a glass of juice, or second breakfast, or ...and it would only be 9 o'clock.   Now, if the kids were in school, I believe they would have no trouble sticking with their work...but then again, I can remember even in school getting to pick something from the treasure box after a week of good "on-task" behavior.  Maybe what my kids could use is a little reward or encouragement to stay on top of their work...

So I asked my friend, Ana Degenaar to help me, and by "help" I mean, spend way too much time making me the coolest set of rewards cards I've ever seen.   They are so great!   There are 38 rewards worth 1, 5, or 10 minutes-depending on the value of the deed or work they were caught doing-and range from a piggy ride to playing a board game with mom.  

And now that I have mine, Ana has the cards in a pdf file in her shop, so they can be yours-to keep or give...and since it's a file you print, you can give a set to every mother you know!  

And they will thank you.  

What mom of small kids wouldn't love a set?  


Handmade Holidays: Easy Gift for Kids to Make

Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas button bookmarks

How simple are these?  And the kids loved making them-especially 
knowing they were for some very special people!

I bought the ribbons/buttons from Oriental Trading several weeks ago, 
but I've seen some Christmas ribbon in Target's dollar spot, too-
if you can gather some buttons, they make great last minute gifts!

Are you making any gifts with your kids?


DIY Sweater Stocking

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I looked at my armless sweater and 
realized I had enough for a stocking...

Waste not, want not...
Martha has a template, but I just used one of my kids' stockings as a pattern.
Thanks for all your wonderful handmade ideas -
I wish my sweater had 15 arms-I'd send you each a cozy mason jar.  
Sparrow was the random generated winner-congrats!

Oh, and if you came out to Saltgrass last night-
thank you-it was a HUGE success!!! 
We raised $2400 in a few hours for our sweet Angel Tree families!  

Handmade Holidays: Cheap and Easy and a Giveaway!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

DIY Mason Jar Cozy

Last year's snack mix was a hit with my great-aunt.  By January, she asked me to send more!  But the mason jar cozy warms the gift a little, doesn't it?  

The sweater I found for $5?  I cut off an arm and used hem tape to clean up the bottom edge and keep it from fraying.  (Hem tape is an iron-on tape used to...uh, hem things)

And because it's Christmas, and the sweater had two arms, I'd love to send you 
a cozy mason jar filled with yummy snack mix!  
Tell me about a handmade gift you're giving or gave or gotten,
and I'll choose one comment on Monday, December 6th. 

Handmade Holidays Quick Sew:: Pacifier Clips

Monday, November 1, 2010

Is it too early for Handmade Holidays?  Here's one for the babies on my list...

Joanne's had a 50% off sale on notions last week.  I think I wiped the Plano store out of suspender clips.  I'm loving homemade pacifier clips...I'll give a few a way, but now BabyGirl no longer has to worry about her pacifier clip clashing with her outfit.  Whew-I know she'll sleep better now. 


DIY Shower Favors

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

We got our travel dates!

A million and one things to do, but the shower at our house on Saturday is pretty much taken care of.  I used Entemann's Cookies in small plastic zipper bags (in the beading section at craft stores) as fillers for these little pouches:

Decorations are up, now I just have to worry about that little trip coming up...

We're all set paper-wise, flight-wise, and accommodation-wise...all except for one pesky little paper that could ruin it all.  I am believing God is in control of everything, even Homeland Security.  But, if you think of it, could you pray that our approval for our I-600a shows up by tomorrow?  
*****UPDATE:  It came!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Lord!******************
By the way, this was another Twig and Thistle inspired idea!

Valentines Day Canvas for My Babies' Daddy

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I think we have a date tomorrow night.  Woot!  

This is what I made for Mr. Smarty this week.  I've always sung You are my Sunshine to our babies.  I still sing it probably everyday.  So I thought I should paint the words on canvas so I don't forget them.  

 Did you make something for your sunshine? Any date ideas?


I saw this ugly sweater and thought of you:: a scrappy satchel how-to

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I think I actually said something like that to a friend of mine when I bought this sweater at a thrift store last summer.  Not that she, in a million years of time traveling back to the '80's, would ever wear this sweater.  I just thought it would make a perfect winter satchel.  And that she would like it.

Do you see why I thought of her? (yes, I'm talking about you, Jenna.)

Think you can find a scrappy sweater for a satchel while it's still winter? That's Step 1.

Step 2:  Cut out the front and back of sweater to the same dimensions as your want your bag, plus an inch seam allowance in each direction.  Cut a liner fabric the same width and four inches longer on the height (this allows for the top liner to be folded over for the top edge of finished bag).

Step 3: Sew sides and bottom of sweater fabric  with right sides together. Sew sides and bottom of liner fabric wrong sides together.

While sweater fabric is still inside out, trim extra sweater fabric around edges and corners to take away the bulkiness.                  

Step 4:  Turn sweater fabric right-side out.  Leave the liner fabric seam-side out and place inside sweater pouch.

***Just a free tip from Pajama Mama here, at this point, I usually drop something of some weight in the bag, like my scissors, or a small toy.  I hate it when the liner slides up when I'm not paying attention and ends up a few inches shorter than the outer bag.  Hate it.  What?  You always pay attention?  pppphhhh.

Step 5:  Fold the liner over twice. (the photo below is folded only once)


Step 6:  Stitch along the bottom of fold around the entire bag.


Step 7:  You're so close!  Now just salvage any extra sweater fabric that you can for the strap.  I cut up one side, across the top, and back down the other side.  My dimensions were something like 5 inches by  a million inches.  Really. I didn't measure.  I did sling it over my shoulder to see if it was close to what I wanted.  Capiche?  Good.

***Another PJ tip: Consider cotton or canvas webbing for the strap if your sweater fabric is super stretchy.  I can just imagine Jenna carrying a boat-load of diapers and wipes in her sweater satchel and finding it below her knees.  Really helpful, Satchel.  Thanks.

Stitch down one edge of scrap strap fabric, with wrong-sides together.  Turn out to right-side until you get arthritis.  Then take a break and finish later.

Step 8, or 25, depending on what you consider a "step": Attach strap however you like.  Inside, outside, whatever.  Can you tell why I don't do tutorials?  I get burned out on the typing of the steps.  Anywhoo, I tucked in the unfinished edges of the strap and stitched a rectangle around the top, sides and bottom where the strap and bag meet.

Not perfect, but not bad for under an hour including the photo-shoot.

I'm linking this post to Kimba'sDIY Day & Kim's Get Your Craft On-check them out!

Linkage:: SCARF Tutorials

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I have absolutely no patience for sewing right now.  I just got into minor fisticuffs with my Brother SE270 over a zigzag stitch gone ugly.  But I just know that will end soon.  Right?  



Yeah, that's what I thought. 

So here are a few scarves on my growing list of things to try before it's too hot to wear a scarf in Texas:


Joy Beadworks




Lovely, aren't they?