Robots are cool, right?

Monday, April 7, 2008

So we're riding in the car yesterday, as the sun was setting at just the right height to remind me to put on my shades.  So I put on my Jessica Simpson shades that cover half my face, feeling quite chic.  ANd then Noelle reinforces my thoughts, 

Noelle: Mom, turn around, let me see your sunglasses.

So, I turn around and smile.

"You look cool, Mom. "

"Thanks, Noelle."  Wondering how long I can keep up this act...can I manage it into her teen years? then..

"Yeah, you like like a robot."

bubble burst.  the end of my cool mom phase has come to an abrupt death.

wait, what?  she's 4.  what coolness does she no of?  that's right, i know more coolness that she does.  My cool mom confidence has returned.