I'm Back! Sorta...

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Hello again, friends! How are you?  I've missed you.  

I stepped back from Pajama Mama for a good while, and it was the right decision for the season. But a few months ago, Matt and I were looking for some funny clips to share with the kids. We love comedy and I don't think we've missed an episode of Saturday Night Live in about 9 years. So when we started looking for SNL clips that were kid-safe, we couldn't find any website to help. We joked that we should make that site, but the idea stayed with me.  We could start that site - we love SNL and we love sharing funny with our kids!  

So, I'm back in the blogging world, but now I'm over at ComedyParents.com.  If you're ever looking for something fun to watch with the kids in your life, stop by! We post a Parents Review of SNL every week. We're also working on a list of safe YouTube Channels. If you've got some favorites, I'd love to know so I can add them. 

If you're still blogging or blogging elsewhere, let me know, I'd love to reconnect (read: I need blogging friends! So much has changed!).