February Modern Block

Friday, February 17, 2012

Another New Year's Resolution was to join a quilting bee.  Check.  

February's block is On the Plus Side, from the 99 Modern Blocks book.  I finished it last night and will send it to British Columbia tomorrow!  Can't wait to see what Katie does with 10 of them.

Look at how tiny these plus parts are:  

Field Trip #5: Dead Fish Friday

Monday, February 13, 2012

We've been enjoying our Dallas Children's Theater a lot this school year-we've seen 4 plays so far and will see another 2 in the spring.

We've also been doing Nature Study/Art Fridays with two other homeschooling families.   The art part has been a lot more consistent than the nature part.  I've just been lazy about getting the kids out and seeing nature.  you know, it's cold, we should stay in.  or, it rained two weeks ago.  it could still be muddy.  never mind we're in a stage 4 drought.  

But we made it happen the past two weeks!  And I brought my camera!

We've been loosely following The 10 Week Getting Started Outdoor Challenge.  Last time I asked each of the kids to collect a seed, a leaf, a dead bug or endoskeleton, and a rock.  This week, I told them to collect one kind of item, but several varieties-like seed pods, or leaves.  They collected dead fish and declared nature study awesome.

 Happy Trails.

Finished Magformers Quilt

Friday, February 10, 2012

It's small (crib size), but I really like this quilt.  While I was binding it, I bragged to Matt that my stitches were so stealth-like.  They were ninja stitches.
Of course a lot of things get labeled "ninja" in our house these days, thanks to having boys live here and all.  Not sure yet what purpose the quilt will serve, probably just a play mat for our living room where we don't have carpeting.

Have a great weekend!
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