A Train Cake for my Baby who's Not A Baby anymore

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Baby Boy turned 3 this weekend.  He is currently obsessed with all things transportationally and wheel-bearing related.  Including and most obsessively: Lawn Mowers.

But I wasn't about to attempt a lawn mower cake.  We'll see if this phase is still around for year 4.

So a train cake it was:

For those interested, I used this cake pan.  Thanks, Mom!


A table just like Mom's

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I started using a table cloth this spring and soon realized why my mother always kept a piece of plexiglass on her tabletop when my brother and I were growing up.  She always has a cloth on her table and a mug or vase of flowers from the yard.  

We got an acrylic sheet cut to size at Lowes' for our tabletop.  And have since stopped using plates.  Okay, only the kids skip the plates.  But now I don't have to get upset about it. 

Do you cover anything with plastic or do anything else just like Mom?


Sewn on Saturday:: Quilted Coin Purse

Saturday, May 1, 2010

I'm pretty sure this floral cotton is my go-to fabric.  I found yards of it in my mom's stash a while ago, and have since used it for birds, crayon rolls, a host of other small projects, and now a coin purse.

Just the right size to carry my essentials:

van key
orbit spearmint gum
cover girl lipslick in hipster

Do you have a special satchel just for the essentials?