Ready, Set...

Monday, July 26, 2010

We're almost set.

On my list to-do this week, was write a card for each of our homegrown kids for each day we are gone.   I usually only had time to write while they were sleeping, and once they were asleep the idea of leaving them for any amount of time broke my heart.  Of course, the tone of the letters written while they were awake and roughhousing all around me is a little different.  Still sweet though.

With each envelope, I tucked a little piece of something special-a package of stickers, a box of cracker jacks, a sheet of button candy.  And on one special day the boys will be opening a package of spongebob briefs. yes, nothing says a mother's love like new underwear.   

If you pray, would you pray these things for our family:

  • For Baby Girl, that she is  healthy (free from virus, disease, parasites, delays)

  • That God prepares Baby Girl's heart for us. Please also pray for her transition, attaching quickly and immediately see us as mommy and daddy.

  • For a safe trip, that everything goes smoothly (no glitches in paperwork, lost luggage, airlines, Guest Home, etc.) and that we are brought back together as a family of SIX. :)

  • For our kids at home with their grandparents-that their time together would be a special time, everyone would stay safe and healthy and sane (the sanity is more for my amazing in-laws than my kids).  

  •  That we are able to serve God while we are being blessed so deeply. That we glorify Him in all circumstances.

  • For the biological family, that they know the peace only Christ can give.

    Thank you, friends,


    Bring on the Rain

    Saturday, July 24, 2010

    We are officially ready for rainy season.  Our Tretorns arrived!

    I'll be sporting the Tretorn Skerry all over Addis while Mr. Smarty will wear the Tretron Strala Sommar.

    I think I may not bring any other footwear, you know, since I'm packing light.


    Big Families Pack Light

    Wednesday, July 21, 2010

    I'm so glad I got Baby Girl's car seat cover done a few weeks ago-when I thought I had ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD.

    It's now in the van, and I'm officially declaring our van at maximum capacity.

    The next road trip could be interesting, but now that I've been reading up on packing, I think I'm actually pretty good at packing light.  Have you heard of bundle packing?  Amazing!

    Here are a few other articles I poured over in preparing for our trip:

    Do you have any packing secrets?


    DIY Shower Favors

    Tuesday, July 13, 2010

    We got our travel dates!

    A million and one things to do, but the shower at our house on Saturday is pretty much taken care of.  I used Entemann's Cookies in small plastic zipper bags (in the beading section at craft stores) as fillers for these little pouches:

    Decorations are up, now I just have to worry about that little trip coming up...

    We're all set paper-wise, flight-wise, and accommodation-wise...all except for one pesky little paper that could ruin it all.  I am believing God is in control of everything, even Homeland Security.  But, if you think of it, could you pray that our approval for our I-600a shows up by tomorrow?  
    *****UPDATE:  It came!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Lord!******************
    By the way, this was another Twig and Thistle inspired idea!