Waiting Wall Art

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I wish I could host a playdate with you, my bloggy friends.  I'd invite you in, start the coffee maker and direct any kiddos following you to the stairs that lead to our always messy playroom.  My kids would love the time with friends, however new or old the friendships are.  

But since that playdate likely won't happen, and many of you are nowheres near Texas, let me just welcome you into a little corner of our playroom.  The corner without toys strewn all about.  I love this corner.    

A lifetime ago, back in June, while we were waiting for the phone call to let us know we passed court in Ethiopia, we needed an inside, near-the-phone distraction.  

I had blank canvases in the back of my closet so the day seemed to be the best to pull them out and let the kids paint!  I gave no instructions, but limited the paint to three colors that were already in the playroom.  I love the whimsy they add to the room, as well as the memory of painting while we waited.

If you are in Texas, come on over.  I'll get the coffee ready, 


Baby Girl's Homecoming

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

At Baby Girl's arrival in Dallas we had Cassie of 
Twelve20 Photography meet us there to capture the moment.  

She did an amazing job, and I am so thankful that out of her heart for adoption, 
she offers her talent to adoptive families. 

You can see more pictures of our family's reunion on Cassie's blog

Thank you so much, Cassie.  What a sweet gift our family will cherish for a long time!

Our 10 day trip in 10 pictures

Thursday, August 12, 2010

We began our trip with a stop in London.  
We took advantage of the layover, and stayed the night.  
A little babymoon...  

Hey hon, take my picture while I take a picture of the Abbey, 'k?...

The next evening, we boarded a plane to Addis, 
arriving early in the morning.  Not too long after breakfast, 
we took a short walk down a rocky street...

to Layla House, 
where some little people were waiting for us...

they loved getting their pictures taken...

and playing with the cameras...

When we weren't hanging out at Layla, we saw a little of Addis.
Like the silk factory.

This is what a restaurant table looks like in Addis.
Not very big.  This is a meal for about 10 of us.
Not complaining...I just wanted to make sure there was enough Shiro for me.  

While we ate, beautiful people danced...

On our final day, we grabbed a group photo before we all went home in different directions.  
It is amazing how adoption can bring such different but amazing people together.  
I loved this about our trip most of all.  
It is what leaves me wondering when we will back.

Thanks for praying us through the trip-it was an amazing experience.
And thank you all for your sweet comments.  I've so appreciated you all throughout our process of bringing home Baby Girl.


We're Home!

Monday, August 2, 2010

We're so glad to be home.  These pictures were taken by my brother on our layover in DC, where my folks, brother and sister in law and awesome friend Amanda met us.  Two flights later, we landed in Dallas, where we were met by our kids and Mr. Smarty's folks.  Both reunions were super sweet.  I will post more later, once my eyelids stop rolling in there sockets.  

Thanks for all who prayed-everything went as smooth as possible-quite amazing!   And Baby Girl is a doll!  Love her!!!!!