Do it Yourself Silhouettes

Monday, November 3, 2008

Last week, The Nester confessed a splurge on her children's silhouettes for $54. Because I did my kids' profiles for nothing this summer, I have to brag and post. (Mr. Smarty says it technically was not for nothing, but I did not purchase anything specifically for the silhouettes-I had all the supplies on hand.)

With my bro-bro's help, we took the kids' pictures individually facing sideways in front of a bare or plain wall. Bro-Bro is a photoshop pro, so he fiddled with them and removed the background even more, but it wasn't necessary. It just made the images contrasts easier to see. Then, on my plain ol' hp printer, I printed the profiles in b&w. I then traced the printout images on white scrapbook paper.

I used a black acrylic pen to go over the profile. This allowed me to get Belle's wisps and made it super easy to fill in with black craft paint.

There were several ways to go about this project. I debated just cutting out the kids profiles from the printer and tracing them on black scrapbook paper or cardstock and glueing them onto a white background, or whatever color I wanted for the room. But I liked the painted finished look and am happy with my quick project!

2 Creative People Had This To Say:

Leaning on Him said...

Yea! I'm glad you did this project because I've been wanting to do it too. Hopefully I can get it to turn out well.

How'd you keep Ben still for the picture??? :>)

Amie Hartman said...

I just found you through Google.
Thank you for sharing this, as I've been wanting to make my own with my 2 kids that growing up way too fast.