Handmade Christmas:: For the Grandmas who have everything

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Some people on our list are so hard to shop for --they have everything they need and are able to get themselves the things they really want.

Our grandmothers are like that.  Really, do they need another bathrobe?  I'm not sure they've ever even worn the ones I've gotten them in other years.

I'm giving up this year.  I don't have the imagination to figure out what they would love to open Christmas morning.   So a basket with baked goodies, including PW's Chex Party Mix, is what it will be.

What do you get for the hard to shop for?  And how do you end that sentence without ending on a preposition?  Both questions are driving me batty, so please share!

oh, i figured it out---"What do you get for those who are hard to shop?"  Better, no?

15 Creative People Had This To Say:

Braley Mama said...

I feel your pain :) I got my grandma a mug with a pic of our girls that reads " we love you GiGi!"
She has a million mugs, but I am hoping it brings a warm fuzzy feeling to her when she drinks her morning tea!
As far as the preposition question.....I have given up on ALL forms of correct grammar:) I use to be a stickler on those things before I had babies!!!!!

3 Blessings said...

I love that idea. We usually make photo calendars for the great grandparents and grandparents. You can have them printed at Sam's club for $9.95 and you can not only add all your kid's photos and captions, but you can put everyone's birthdays and anniversary dates on the calendar. They always love it. The one year I decided to do something different, everyone complained about not getting their calendars.

Rachael said...

"What do you get for those for whom it is difficult to shop?" I HAVE NO CLUE! 4 yrs as an English major at a well-respected university and I haven't a clue.... As for grammy gifts, I vote for children's art-work -- a vase, canvas, candlesticks, etc. Easy, thoughtful and inexpensive.


Jen said...

"What do you get those for whom it is hard to shop?" I vote for ending it with a preposition over correctness fraught with awkwardness. :-)

Kristen, The Pajama Mama said...

Jen! I totally vote with you-and love how you said it!

Know the rules to break the rules, right?

Kristen, The Pajama Mama said...

Rachael-Yes, WHOM!!! You are correct-thank you!

Charlotte said...

Actually you are right on point... My Nana (who has since passed away) and my parents both love food. So I'm thinking that anything that you make that's homemade will always be a homerun.


Valencia said...

You rock so hard!! I had no idea what to give my mom who has everything for Christmas. I'm so glad I saw this post. A gift basket with food would be great!!!!

Christina said...

I have a couple friends come over for a Friday night & Saturday Christmas Goodies bake and take. We make enough Christmas candy for each of us to hand out to the people on our list that have it all. I bought cheap tins for like $1.50 from Hobby Lobby to layer the goodies in. Grandparents, neighbors, mail ladies, and teachers all appreciate the yummies!

I also do the calendar like 3 Blessings... grandparents REALLY like that!

September said...

We also do Calendars- and it is always a hit.
Another thing that we like to give is movie tickets, Digital Picture frames..
BUT- Homemade gifts are the bes.
We have made "corn warmers." ( heating pads),,, they are always a hit. Even my younger daughters have been able to help make these.
I love stopping by to visit here - your ideas always get me motivated, and truly inspired.

"For those it is difficult to by for, do you have any ideas?"

Leslie said...

It is so hard to buy for my parents and my in-laws. They don't need anything. This year, I got my parents a calendar with pictures of my hubby & I and our kids on it. Last year, my hubs & I found a store that makes wonderful pickels. That's what we're getting for his dad. For his mom, I ordered a fleece blanket with pictures of our family on it. She has been ill for many years and doesn't go out at all. They live outside of Chicago, so we only get to see them once every 2 years. I figure the blanket will keep her warm and she'll be able to "see" her grandchildren!

Blessings, Leslie

Anonymous said...

mm.. cognitively thread.

...they call me mommy... said...

Gift cards, pictures of my kids, or like you baked goods! That's all I've figured out so far! :)

mrs boo radley said...

Local raw honey. People love it. I love it. Maybe I just love it so much, and then I assume that everyone else loves it.

val the crafty gal said...

I like to give Bookstore gift cards,gift cards to their favorite restarents and also for groceries and or coffee. Movie passes for a "date" in the afternoon, and also clothing store gift cards-a new blouse or jewelry!