How to throw a Miserable Hot Air Balloon Party in 3 sad steps

Thursday, September 30, 2010

1.  Try to make miniature hot air balloons with helium balloons, Yogurtville cups, twine and masking tape.  Do this outside, so the balloons can escape leaving the cups behind.   This sets the tone for the entire evening.   Sad moments to come.

2.  Take beloved child outside in the 100 degree heat and take MANY pictures when he clearly does not want to be outside.  These will be memories you will want to forget for years to come!

3.  Finally, take all your beloved children out in the heat to honor the birthday boy with a 2 mile trek in flip-flops from the parking lot to the entrance to the Balloon Fest.   Make sure there are HUGE crowds and nothing a 3 foot child could see beyond the backsides of every other Balloon Fest go-er.

Boo, you are such a special boy.  Thank you for having such low expectations that you are rarely disappointed.  I am blessed to call you my son.  Next year will be better, I promise.  Or not.


5 Creative People Had This To Say:

Damaris said...

I love how you keep it real

Braley Mama said...

i am so sorry. I hate when these things don't turn out. We were planning on going to that but I thought that I would be bored. The pics are pretty awesome though:O)
I am sure he had a great time:O) HUGS!

Mrs. Bianca said...

I heard it was bad this year and this post further adds fuel to my lack of desire to want to go to the balloon festival. I loved your creativity, though. I may have to do a homemade hot air balloon craft anyway!

Ana Degenaar said...

I am sorry that it didn't turn out how you expected it but I have to say I love simple birthdays where kids feel like it's really all about them. You are such a great mama!

care said...

Sorry it didn't work out as planned, but some great ideas, though! :) We just finished reading the book Twenty-one Balloons (an old Newberry winner) and a great read-aloud! The boys painted large Styrofoam balls that we made into hot air balloons yesterday to hang in their room. I wanted to do paper mache ones, but alas, not enough energy for that mess! :)