Drawing with Children's Books

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Have you read Drummer Hoff?  We brought home a copy from the library on our last trip.  And each of us have commented on the texture of the illustrations...very cool.  Here's a page:

So yesterday I had to try the style myself:

Have you ever tried to imitate an illustration style? just for fun?


6 Creative People Had This To Say:

Damaris said...

woah that's amazing. I had no idea you were such an artist.

Candy (Mama Lion) said...

I've never tried to imitate it but that is so very clever! I love ur version :) How is the book? It looks adorable.

carol said...

Great idea for creative expression after hours of doodling that all kids do through their years of schooling! Love it!

care said...

LOVE it!

Rachel said...

Awesome, Kristen. What did you use, just colored pencils? You better frame this.

Mariko said...

I could never do that, so I'll just have to love yours.
I totally want that book too!