Real Blogging: Our Homeschool Room

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I read a piece of blogging advice somewhere that said you should blog about things that you would want to read yourself.  well, duh, kind of, right?  

When I thought about what I like to read, I realized I like to see real peoples homes and stuff real people have made and read about real homeschooling.  So 'real' is the operative word here.   And one post I will always read by a fellow homeschool blogger is one on their schoolroom.   

Our schoolroom is far from great, or perfect, but I am thankful for the space that can stay messy, or involved for however long we need it too.   And while taking a few pictures of it, I realized it changes each year--evolves to fit our new needs.  This year, we added an analog clock, which I read is better for kids to grasp the concept of time, a much needed bookshelf, which now houses our workboxes, and an American flag, which just makes it feel more like a real schoolroom. 

And an update on what has been working for us this year:

Right now, my kids love Electric Company, which is on PBS at 7:30 in the morning.  They are allowed to come downstairs and do 2 drills (a multiplication/math drill and a grammar drill) at 7.  If they are finished in time (they always are), they can watch their show.  School happens before breakfast, before I even hit the coffee maker start button.  I celebrate this.  

What real thing are you celebrating right now?

8 Creative People Had This To Say:

Ashley said...

thank you for the challenging question. I can't say that I'm celebrating much in my life right now. I need to change that...thank you for the reminder!

Kristen, pajama mama said...

Ashley, I can see so much to celebrate on your blog besides pumpkins, a fall games-your bangs are amazing. I would have bangs if they looked like that. :)

care said...

Love your school room! It looks like place you'd want to spend time in! What do you use for your grammar drills? Just wondering! I love the way you use motivation to get those drills done! I need to think of something like that! Oh, and baby is getting SO BIG! She looks like such a big girl standing by the table!

Kristen, pajama mama said...

Hey Care, we're using Daily Grams 3 for Belle, it just takes her a few minutes, but it keeps all the rules fresh. :) And, yes, Baby is HUGE! I actually put her in a 4T shirt the other day-and it fit perfectly!

Sharon Wheeless said...

Such a warm and happy room. I love it.

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

Kristen I have this super long email I want to send you with some adoption questions but I can't find your email address. can you email me please so I can email you back. My email is damarispalmer at gmail dot com

Thank you so so so much.

Your homeschool room looks great. You inspire me a lot.

really.truly said...

I found your blog because I did a google search....."being real blog {about} homeschool. Yes, that sentence doesn't make much sense, but it was enough for google :)

Love your schoolroom. Where did you find those transparent paper holders? love 'em.

Inspire Me Heather said...

Thanks for sharing your learning space! I've got this linked to my homeschool rooms post too today, for inspiration!