Field Trip #4: Butterfly House

Friday, November 11, 2011

We used our Groupon to the Texas Discovery Gardens and Butterfly House the day before it expired.  And the weather was so perfect, the dads came with us so we could take Christmas card pictures.

The Gardens are free on Tuesdays, but the Butterfly House is still $8/adult, $4/ child-so the deals online for a family pass ($12/family), really are worth it for the Butterfly House entrance.  We missed it but at noon everyday they release the butterflies.

Thank you, friends who do school and life with us, for taking 151 photos of my family of squirmers and blinkers.  And please don't hate me if I use the first picture you took as our Christmas card.  You're the best, truly and really.  

4 Creative People Had This To Say:

christygirl said...

Love the pictures!!! Last one, especially...Mom & Dad's expressions are priceless!

care said...

Great pictures! The last one is the best -- I love the moment it captures!

carol said...

I agree on that last pic! Great shot of two oldest...did he lose a tooth???? And I can imagine why the youngest was crying!!! Wanted to play in the water??

Rachel said...

So sweet! I'm impressed you guys got that many kids on a bench. Baby S is so stinkin' adorable. They are growing up too quickly...BTW your hair looks great.