The Rules for Family Rules

Friday, February 22, 2013

The thing about having kids is that they are always growing.  always changing.  as soon as i figure something out that works, it no longer works, or i get distracted.  but i wrote these rules for coming up with our family rules when my oldest was 5.  i knew a lot about being a mom back then.  now my oldest is nearing 10, and i know very little.

but my friend, rachel, reminded me of my rules and asked to borrow them.  so i read back over them, and they're pretty good.  good enough to go back over them with my kids and see what happens.

rachel is posting the rules over at Every Days Best today. she is too kind in her introduction, but we have been friends since forever.  and when i read in proverbs this week, love wisdom like a sister, it made me think of her. 

do you have a set of family rules?  how do you teach your children your expectations?  

3 Creative People Had This To Say:

Rachel said...

Did you intend to make me tear up?

One of the biggest things I love about these 5 rules is that they are scripturally based. The word of the Lord stands forever, Isaiah 40:48!

auralovesjamie said...

I can relate with your first paragraph so well, it seemed like I knew so much more about parenting when we were first starting out than I do now. Good thing God is faithful to teach us as we go! The rules are great too, Thank you.

Evergreen Covenant Admin said...

hi. I read a post you wrote awhile ago about choosing math curriculum from Singapore to MUS. Can you give me your insight now that you'd chosen? ;)