Happy Birthday To Me!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

This is my major 30th birthday purchase...a circa 1920's chest. It is old enough to make me feel young, while also making me feel sophisticated and mature to recognize the beauty of a vintage piece. (Yes, it is vintage, not yet over a century old to be called an antique, thanks, Brooke.)
I bought this off craigslist, my favorite shopping venue to re-purpose things still of value. My intention was to use this for storage for seldom used dinner party items-linens, candles, silver pieces. Then I thought about making this a place for more often used gifting items-bags, ribbon, tissue paper, although I like my system for that already. More on that tomorrow. (WHAT? TWO DAYS OF POSTING IN A ROW?????) And my kids would never be able to refrain from getting all of the wrapping supplies out and wrapping the contents of the playroom up until I was out of every supply. So for now, this is only an object of beauty to welcome you into our home, as it's in the entry hallway. Although, for me, that is purpose enough.

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