Garage Saling is Fun Again!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Yes, deals are as present as the heat. Let me show you what $55, three dimes and a little extra room in a minivan will get you in Plano, Texas:

A Thomas the Train table-complete with trains and mounted tracks. This needed some paint (and still needs more, and maybe some sanding/stain, maybe) but is an amazing deal...or steal for $20.

A Big Girl Bike with training wheels, one knee pad and one elbow pad (so we tell her to always lean to your left when you think you're going to crash): $15.

2 matching Graco child booster seats to match the one we already have. Now these can go in Daddy's car. Both for $10. And actually, one of the seats has loose change in it's base. I'm actually making money back every time I shake it. They now have cost me $9. 45. Not bad a bad ROI. This is not pictured, because it would make for a boring image.

A cute wooden side table. Was an undefined wood stain color up until an hour after I purchased it. I painted it black during rest time. I'm not sure what I will place on it, since it is next to the kids' rooms...something non-breakable. Maybe an old birdcage, a basket and a wide candle holder. $10 for table. Paint was in the garage from previous projects.

3 Jumbo Thomas the Train Coloring books. I should say Priceless, but out of pocket cost was only $0.30! Again, boring image, no picture.

Not bad for a drive around the neighborhood.

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Aimee said...

Ok miss bargain shopper, you need to go to Divine Consign in the fall! They have tons of great stuff for super cheap! I will let you know when it is coming up!