Scary Stranger Update

Monday, June 30, 2008

Okay, so I met up with the group of a dozen runners from Plano Pacers yesterday morning. And truely as everyone was arriving, my anxiety was calmed. Even under the street lamps, I could tell everyone was very friendly. And everyone who knew Mr. Smarty told me very nice things about him like, "Oh, he's so fast!" And complimenting my hubby is a sure way to win my liking. No one even laughed when I told them I was only going to run half the distance they planned to run. One runner even ran back with me when it was time for me to turn around.

And get this: I got home before anyone was up! I spent all this time the night before getting everyone's rightly colored sippy-cups with their rightly colored lids filled and ready in the fridge and their bowls and cereal out and on the island. The coffee maker was all set so all Mr. Smarty had to do was hit the "ON" button. But my efforts weren't wasted. I took a longer than usual shower, knowing everything was all ready to start the day. What a great way to start the week!

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Leaning on Him said...

That's so great! And, I guess I need to check your blog before I e-mail you because this answers my, "Did you run with that group yet" question. :>)