A Place to Sew

Thursday, October 23, 2008

So here's my hasty before of my new sewing desk. I was actually so hasty, that I didn't take a before shot-these are the photos from the craigslist post. The desk stayed those two colors for about 24 hours.

It's not anywhere near done...still need to paint or replace the hardware and I want to put some kind of background on the hutch, but here is the after thus far:

And what have I been sewing, you ask? Not much. But this was the last thing I did, and my first attempt at cute burp cloths. I really hope we have more babies so I can make some for myself...these were for our friends' Eric & Aimee's brand new addition. Congrats, guys!

4 Creative People Had This To Say:

Leaning on Him said...

I love this desk--great job. What room is this in your house?

Pajama Mama said...

Thanks! It's upstairs in what's called the Game Room-it's a big open space with a couch & ping pong table...and now my new sewing desk!

care said...

Can I put in an order? :) SOOOO cute! I love the diaper bags you make too! When are you going into business?

tdenney said...

I love the way the sewing desk turned out!! It's amazing how you transform furniture that I would normally pass by into something I would totally buy. You are so talented!!