{Composing Personal Psalms}

Sunday, May 10, 2009

If I were to continue with my list of little-known-Kristen tid-bits, number 9. could easily be: I am a little scared of poetry.

Yes, poetry...not like dark poe poetry but just the art form in general. In reading it, I worry that I am not "getting" the author's entire meaning. In writing it, well, I just don't write it. I stick to writing blog posts and to-do lists.

But lately, I've been attempting to re-write some of the Psalms. Not in a way to re-do something outmoded, or to improve Scripture, but as a template to personalize some amazing pieces of poetry. To pray with fresh words. To find comfort in common emotions. And the psalms are full of so much emotion. Optimism, despair, joy, frustration, peace, anger...no matter what our circumstances are today, we can open up to the book of Psalms and relate.

Re-writing what is already written takes the Psalm from being relatable and makes it personal. It moves us from bystander to poet. We are able to appeal directly to God, the same way David did when he originally wrote so many of these verses.

So here I am, exposing why I am not a poet, just a small blogger who wants to talk to her Creator personally. Here is a portion of my Psalm 51, written recently, for this time in my life:

Have mercy on me, O God
because You have an infinite amount of love.
Because You are so compassionate,
forgive little me.
Restore my innocence
take away all my guilt.

Because, I know how pathetic and guilty I am,
I remember it at night.
It has only been against You that all my sin hurts.
I deserve Your judgement.

From my birth, I have done wrong.
But You require honesty,
to teach me wisdom.

Forgive my sins, cleanse me
because only You can.
Give me joy that comes with
a restored relationship.
Let me SING, unabashedly,
of all You have done.
Look at me with fresh eyes, eyes that only see
the pure heart You've planted.
Give me the Holy Spirit to lead me
in desiring obedience.

Whew! I need to do that more often!

Have you tried this? Do you compose your own psalms, or sing scripture or pray back God's Word? How do you make it fresh and personal? I'm new at this, so tell me what works for you!

I'm linking this to Like a Warm Cup of Coffee. You definitely want to head over there each day this week-its her Blogaversary and there are PRIZES, ya'll!!!!! Like really good prizes!!!!

Oh, and I couldn't end this weekend without saying Thank You to Mr. Smarty and my three little smarties-they made my birthday/Mother's Day weekend ridiculously wonderful! Thank you, family! I am blessed!

5 Creative People Had This To Say:

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm ... Kristen, I like your personalized psalm. I've never done that, but I think it's a great idea and something I should do. Thanks for having the courage to do it, and to post it publicly! Happy Mother's Day!

Sarah Mae said...

AWESOME!!! Beth Moore has us do this in her bible study The Psalms of Accent. Very cool - love making them personal.

I'm SO sorry I haven't got back to you yet about the whole guest posting thing - I'm still totally up for it, I've just been super busy! :)

Carin said...

I have never heard of doing that but I think it's a neat idea. Certainly a way to draw near to Him in quietness.

Anna said...

Very neat. I just stumbled onto your site and I'll definitely be taking this idea. :) I've tried to write "psalm-like" things before but yours came out much better than mine. Thanks for the inspiration and sharing your personal writing.

Joye @ The Joyeful Journey said...

This is really beautiful, Kristen, and I just loved it!! I love poetry and I've always loved Psalms and somehow my poems always end up sounding "Psalmish" ^_^