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Thursday, August 6, 2009

My folks are stepping on a plane headed for Texas right about now. I should be vacuuming or making sure the dust on the nightstand in the guest bedroom has been taken care of. Or watering the plants so they don't all look wilted and ignored. Or playing with the kids so they don't look ignored when they go berserk with all the fresh grandparent attention.

But I'm not.

I'm sewing. Again.

Turns out Bro-Bro and Laura had something called Incase for their iPhones, so their new felt cases were too small. And the little birdie got claimed by my mother, who's iPhone does not sport an Incase. So Laura's got a new design-an owl for the teacher!

Then Laura's friend, and my fellow bridesmaid (Yippee-wait til you see my dress!!!! I mean Laura's dress-it's all about her. That's right. ), anyhoo. Grace, Laura's friend and my fellow bridesmaid,loved my cases so much, so I made one for her too (the turtle).

Okay, so since I don't own an iPhone myself, I have no use for a little case like this. But they were fun and quick to make. Any suggestions for little cases? I really don't think my check book needs any felt. And did I mention that I carry no technology?

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8 Creative People Had This To Say:

teamshin said...

yay--its too cute! my iphone is excited to rest in its new home. :)

Becky said...

I don't have an iPhone either but I could use it for an iPod or a regular phone. Cute as can be!

Songbirdtiff said...

These cases are SO cute. Do you carry a camera? Maybe you could make one for that?

Leaning on Him said...

Have I mentioned that my bday is coming up soon--I mean it's only like 2 months away! :) I don't have an iphone either but my phone is naked right now. Awww, poor phone! j/k! These are so great!!!
Amanda @

Ankur Kapil said...


Lauren said...

HOW CUTE!!! I love them!! :)

Hopefull said...

just looking through your blog the past few minutes and I have seen so many sweet posts and great ideas. I look forward to being one of you new followers!

Liss @ Ordinary Exultations said...

So so cute! I just recently took up sewing...and actually crafted with felt for the first time today. I love how your cases turned out!

- Melissa

p.s. I'm visiting from TCB. :)


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