3 ways to Reclaim a Day with Little Ones

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ever have one of those mornings when nothing seems to go right?

Juice gets spilled, a dish broken, maybe an accident on the way to the bathroom with a tike in training. By lunch you just want to crawl in bed and wish the messes would go away.

But they don't.

And neither do the little ones who likely made the messes. And they still need a present mom.

How do you reclaim a day like that?

When the weather is nice, or nice enough, we've found taking a walk, even if just around the block for a few minutes makes such a difference in everyone's outlook.

When the weather is not so permitting, a mid-day bath or shower can also be a miracle calmer for the fussiest tot or mom.

And possibly the best reclaimer we use is something we call Circle Time. I call the kids together for Circle Time and read a child devotional with them. They know the routine of it: a story, a question, a prayer and an activity. And they love this. It often makes a messy day worth it.

How do you reclaim messy days?

PS, for those of you who know me & Mr. Smarty in real life, I've added a few more IronMan pics!

5 Creative People Had This To Say:

Salihan said...

Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

I don't have any children yet but I still have days when my brain feels foggy and everything I do seem just that little bit harder. On days like these, a longer, warmer shower helps and a walk in the fresh air does too. I might also email a friend, twitter or sms my hubby that my day is a little rougher than usual and I need support. And that helps too.

H-Mama said...

hmmm... my oldest once told me, 'now would be a good time to count to 10, mom.' so funny! i say... never underestimate the power of a shower. ;)

September said...

Yep!! Had one of those days today! I just sat the kids down and told them that mommy was having a rough morning, and we were going to make the best of things. They were really good about this.
BUT.. when my now 17 year old son was just 4... he spilled grape juice all over the kitchen floor, and my floor was stained purple,, and then the rest of the day was just like that - I decided when the grape juice spilled to take a picture of him by the big spill, and we have since made a funny joke, and a picture time of accidents ( only,).,.. and it certainly changed my outlook on things like that for the last 13 years!
Try it - it sure makes for good memories!

summur braley said...

I love it! Prayer changes attitudes in my house that is for sure. I love going outside too. Sometimes it feels like you just need some fresh air. Great post!

Amy J said...

Thanks for the good ideas and encouragement! I've been convicted lately about my need to keep a positive/joyful attitude during the day with my kids. Your post was very timely :)