Better than a Clean Kitchen

Monday, March 22, 2010

Life's too easy right now.  I'm getting nervous.  But I'm also thinking I need to be more prepared for these easy days.

The other afternoon, Baby went down for a 2 plus hour nap.  Belle went next door to play at a neighbor's house.  Boo watched a Netflix movie on my laptap.

Unprepared for the break, I did what I thought was most urgent and logical.  I dusted my countertops.

Even as I spritzed and wiped, I was thinking, "There's something else I should be doing.  What is it?"

Miles away are two good friends.  Friends who would call these days anything but easy.  And I hurt for them.   Often I've wanted to pick up the phone and ask how today was.  But I don't because the volume in our home is typically high, and too distracting for a real grown-up, mommy-to-mommy conversation.

But there I was with two hours of quiet time.  And I was cleaning my kitchen.

Rather than regretting the clean counters, I will use them as a reminder, however long they stay clean.  A reminder to be prepared for unexpected time, to be a friend, to give what I don't own: my time.

Do you have a plan for those expected hours?

3 Creative People Had This To Say:

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

Oh do not be too hard on yourself Kristen!You are a good friend I am sure to many in person and you inspire so many women through this blog to discover and use their God given creativity with all your amazing projects. I know many of us would also choose to clean the kitchen and sometimes we do need to do this for the sheer therapeutic value, it is a good time to pray and think about what matters most; it is when we dwell on the need to always have a fastidously clean kitchen and we totally neglect others in order to clean that we do need to examine our priorities.
On the friends side too, we need to exercise care. As a young mum with only one baby to care for many years ago now, I allowed a friend to become very dependent on me. She had many deep issues from her past and she used me to talk them over, her 'quick' calls became lengthy phone calls and she would ring me all the time, I was too nice and sympathetic and allowed her to steal many hours of my week.
Finally, she wore me down and I had to ask her to stop calling me. She immediately cut me off and found another lady in the church to latch onto.
I've since realized that there are so many different ways to encourage a friend which need not take away the hours which we do need to commit to our homes and families. Sometimes just one sentence can be what a friend needs for encouragement in her day, a hand written card popped in the mail or a batch of cookies dropped off. Finding a book of devotions in my mailbox one day from a friend sowed so many good seeds into my life. She did not have the time for a lengthy visit but the ten minute drive to my home made a big difference to me as God used that book (by Emilie Barnes) to speak into my life.
I hope this has helped - I need to go and clean my kitchen now!

Ana said...

I think you are an amazing friend... this year we've been through more ups and downs than at any point in our lives, many times I've needed someone to talk to and because of not having someone, I can tell you that just knowing in my heart that my friends and family think of me and pray for our family, gives me enough comfort to keep strong.

I'm sure your friend knows that you, also pray for her, and probably now she knows that even in the midst of cleaning your kitchen, you were thinking of her.

Big hugs my friend♥


Anonymous said...

I want you to know that you have ALWAYS been a wonderful, wonderful friend. I love you.