Handmade Holidays: Perfect Last Minute Gift for Moms

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Or for yourself...you know, a "merry christmas to me" thing. 

For months now-- ok, really since school started, I have struggled getting my older kids to stay on task from one assignment to the next...they'd want a break, or a glass of juice, or second breakfast, or ...and it would only be 9 o'clock.   Now, if the kids were in school, I believe they would have no trouble sticking with their work...but then again, I can remember even in school getting to pick something from the treasure box after a week of good "on-task" behavior.  Maybe what my kids could use is a little reward or encouragement to stay on top of their work...

So I asked my friend, Ana Degenaar to help me, and by "help" I mean, spend way too much time making me the coolest set of rewards cards I've ever seen.   They are so great!   There are 38 rewards worth 1, 5, or 10 minutes-depending on the value of the deed or work they were caught doing-and range from a piggy ride to playing a board game with mom.  

And now that I have mine, Ana has the cards in a pdf file in her shop, so they can be yours-to keep or give...and since it's a file you print, you can give a set to every mother you know!  

And they will thank you.  

What mom of small kids wouldn't love a set?  


2 Creative People Had This To Say:

Mariko said...

That is extremely cute. And a good idea for it to be minutes. My girl loves chewing gum and I hate it, especially because I can't get her to spit it out long after it loses its flavor.

(About the candy cane jo jos-- I'm not sure about the alternative sugar thing. The texture of the cookies depends a lot on the sugar type you use... I definitely like using dates in many desserts, but I'm not sure about here. Maybe, possibly, sucanat would work. No idea. I might experiment though, so I'll let you know.)

Empty Nest Full Life said...

What great ideas, and love the ribbon book marks. Have a blessed Christmas! Jackie