One Line A Day

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I think I can handle that.  

Mr. Smarty has been the journaler in our family. At least he's the one who's been most consistent with it over the years.  In 2009, he journaled every single day.  And for the past several years he's maintained a work-out log, documenting each run, cycle or swim.  And I love that he's kept those.  Really.  I am so thankful that he has written down simple, everyday moments that in time will be treasured details of what our life was like. 

But then I saw this book.  And wondered why I always thought he had to be the one to record our life.  Did I think my vantage wasn't worth writing down?  (if that is the case, why do I blog?) Do I think I wouldn't follow through or stick with it? (maybe...likely)  

I still want his side documented, too.  I just want to give this a try.  How fun and telling (and maybe even sad at times) it will be to look back in 5 years to read one line a day?

I think this will help me be more deliberate in adding to the journals I keep for the kids, too.

Do you journal or keep any sort of life log? Any tips for being consistent?   


2 Creative People Had This To Say:

Rob and Karina Barber said...

Hi there, I received my first 5 year journal when I was 12! Well, I'm 27 now and have kept one ever since. It has been silly at times, but I find it interesting to go back and reflect on things that stood out to me that day. I also think that it has helped me remember the days a lot better! It's amazing the other details you can remember when one or two sentences 'twig' your memory. Have fun!

care said...

LOVE the idea -- I just ordered one for myself on amazon -- "Merry Christmas to me!" :)