Thrifting for Springtime Skirts

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Each spring I find myself longing for a few free hours to spend going through the racks of my thrift store on a skirt hunt. I went a few weeks ago and came home with three new looks for under $10.
above: skirt: Anthropology via thrift, $2.99, jeans: target, $4, shirt: kohl's from years ago, 
scarf: gift from India
above, skirt: Harolds, thrifted $2.99, tank: Old Navy $2, cardigan: Express via eBay $.99
above, skirt: Old Navy, thrifted $2.99, shirt: Kohl's, denim jacket: Old Navy, both from years ago

Thank you, Belle for taking my pictures this week!
I'm sure she thinks her mama is crazy, but at least I'm out of my pajamas-which is more than I can say for her baby brother and sister...

Found any good deals lately?

7 Creative People Had This To Say:

Valencia said...

You look lovely!! I've also found many deals thrifting. This is 90% of all my clothes. I hope you will link up for Feminine Fridays some time.

September said...

I love your skirt finds Kristen! I cannot wait to get out there after losing this new baby weight... yet again.. and find some deals too.
I read your post on running,, and it is inspiring me to get back on the treadmill, and get back into shape. Thank you for your blog.. I have used a lot of your projects this past year in our homeschool, and the kids and I love them. :)

care said...

You are so pretty, Cous! I love that you are growing your hair out again!

christygirl said...

I love those and you look very pretty and springy! I've been a couple times this spring too. Do you go to the one in east Plano? That's my new favorite part of town, with Aldi's and Terry's Mercado! :)

I'm Kristen, the pajama mama said...

yup! the 18th St./Ave. K. is my favorite for clothes...i got all the boys summer clothes there too, in one trip!

Ana Degenaar said...

I love these outfits! Yay for thrifting!

P.S. If you participated in this giveaway please leave your comment again. Blogger re-posted it without the comments. I apologize and thank you.

older and wisor said...

Wait a minute, "THE THRIFT STORE" is supposed to be ALL MINE!! I even managed to go in one time where it was half off and....couldn't find anything. But that's beside the point. It's just down the street from work, so next time you venture over to the "east Side" you should drop into Potbelly for lunch.... ;)