Our Custom Father's Day Card Idea + How we celebrate Mother's/Father's Day

Monday, June 6, 2011

 above: as a frame-able print
below: as a greeting card

I don't think either one of us have actually said, "well, you're not my _______(father, mother)."  
But the first few years, it really seemed like we were owed the world 
for the sleepless nights and thankless days.  

Our expectations were high and disappointments were inevitable. 

I'm not sure when we let it go, but I'm so glad we did.  It's not that we don't do anything for each other, but the Days are much more about encouraging the kids to honor us.

This year, Father's Day is most likely going to look like a special breakfast, and lots of hugs and kisses and Happy Father's Day wishes from the kids.  We'll also give him these cards -one from each of the kids, with three things they love about their Dad.   And hopefully a good photo of all four kids for his desk at work.  Something like this one...minus the letters.  

If you'd like to use ours as a template to print card or print your own, I'd be happy to email it to you!

How do you celebrate the Days?

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4 Creative People Had This To Say:

Ashley said...

I'd love for you to email it to me! :0) How's that sweet little girl of yours doing? I'd love an update on her!

(a fellow AAI Mom)

Ana Degenaar said...

That is so beautiful!

Susan said...

I have a friend who adopted through AAI and saw your blog from a link on their page. I would love the template emailed to me. I love your crafts and creative projects.

thanks, Susan


I'm Kristen, the pajama mama said...

Ashley & Susan-thanks! I'll send them tonight when the littles are in bed..:)