American Girl Doll Jeans Pattern

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Molly's home from the American Girl Doll Hospital after both legs were amputated.  She was returned as good as new, then Brother gave her a nice haircut.  I am not sending her back though.  But a simple wardrobe update, I can do.

I found a great site for printable doll patterns-Liberty Jane.  Several are free, but I bought a denim pattern for $3.99.  It was very easy to follow with pictures for every step.

And I put the pattern in one of Belle's workboxes this week-so she cut the pattern pieces out for me. 

I hope my Belle knows she is loved after an afternoon of sewing little pants.  I don't remember if I realized the work (and love) my mom put into my dolls and their clothes, but I see it now.  

4 Creative People Had This To Say:

Rachel said...

Oh sweet, love the jeans and the last pic too--so how did Molly's legs get amputated?

Kristen, pajama mama said...

molly was just a tired girl. she is an original American Girl-so likely she was made when were were a little older than Belle...gosh, that makes me feel old and wonder why my legs haven't fallen off...miss you, rachel!

Marie said...

My daughter wants to send one of her dolls too, to the American Girl Hospital because the doll's leg got several black stains that we can't remove, she got it from the travel we did last summer because she hand carried her doll. Can I ask you how much it cost you?

Kristen, pajama mama said...


It was $29 for them to reattach both legs, but the form you print to ship with your doll has the costs for their services. i also called to see if it was per leg, or both legs, so I knew exactly how much it was going to be cost. my credit card was charged the same amount they told me on the phone.

Hope that helps,