WIP: the Kitchen Window

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

So this was a work in progress post: the Kitchen Window,
also from Elizabeth Hartman's Modern Patchwork book.

and then it was such a quick quilt, that I finished it before I could post about it.  hate when that happens.
i'm kidding.  i love when that happens.

Surprisingly, I think what took the longest was the binding.  I decided to try to machine bind it with red pepper quilts' tutorial.  The tutorial was great, and she warned it would take a while to get the hang of it.  But it also made it seem really simple-basically stitch in the ditch on the top side, with the binding a tad bit longer on the back.
But stitching in the ditch is harder than it seems and pinning perfectly is much harder than it seams.

seams, get it?  i love play on words.

I bet when I've made 100 quilts, I'm sure there will be a few things that I remember about each one.  The thing I will probably remember about this one (besides the time I spent on the binding with my seam ripper) was this yellow floral fabric by amy butler.  It's discontinued but I really wanted it for the quilt.  I wanted a stained glass window look and thought the colors were perfect.  I found a fat quarter of it on etsy for $7.  That was enough for the top.  When I tried to order 2 more yards for the bottom, the seller asked $27/yard!  So, to Joann's I went to find something else (more of the blue damask).   I know it's discontinued and beautiful, but really?  $27?

I started cutting the next one, and this one will surely take longer, so maybe next time I really have a work in progress post.  Although my quilting remains a work in progress.

What are you working on?

ps, i'm linking this WIP post to Freshly Pieced WIP Wednesday party

10 Creative People Had This To Say:

Jessica said...

ok, that's pretty awesome that you just finished it up so fast! I love that Good Folks print too. Here's the method I use for machine binding- you see a topstitch on the top of the quilt and an extra quilting line on the back, but I think it comes out really nicely. And it's super quick-


Ana Degenaar said...

Kristen, you are SO talented! Love this to bits.

Kristen, pajama mama said...

jessica-THANK YOU! I will try that method next!

ana-you are so sweet! hope all is well with you + emma!

Amanda said...

ooooh--I like this one the best so far! so pretty!!! I need to get back to my crocheting...it's so hard to want to work on in the summer!!!

The Thompsons said...

It's beautiful! I love the vibrant colors.

Kirsten N said...

Beautiful quilt - I love this pattern!

Melinda said...

Love this quilt. This is the tute I'm using next time. Sounds similar to what you used but I like how she shows to use the pins so that you can see exactly where you need to stitch.

Kelli said...

It is so pretty and even better that it was quick! I love your fabric choices, too. I've never tried machine binding because I don't trust myself to get it right, even though Rita swears it's easy. So, I just pick something I've DVRed and get busy watching some TV while I hand sew the binding to the back...
p.s. I'm definitely bookmarking this pattern. Who doesn't need a quick and beautiful quilt in their arsenal?

christygirl said...


Lisa said...

Pretty! I love Amy Butler fabrics. And ah, stitching in the ditch. :)