Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Okay, I know in light of my Boo's entire academic career, this is a minor step back and will not necessarily negatively affect his ultimate life success, but let me whine for a minute...

Yesterday I got a phone call from Boo's Mother's Day Out director. This is the second time I've gotten a phone call while he's there, and both times, I can't breath until they tell me, "He's fine, but..." The first time, he had fallen and hit his head, but was "fine." This time, the phone call was due to a wet diaper. Apparently, to be in the Three Year Old Class at this MDO, there are to be No Wet Diapers. Or Diapers. Pull-Ups are acceptable, provided they are dry and stay dry. So the director said since he is not fully potty trained, he needs to be in the Two-Year Old Class. And tomorrow he is to report to that room.

Now, this is my pride getting all in a huff here, but this is the first time I've been told to my face (or ear) that a child of mine is not performing as expected and needs to be held back. I know this is not a big deal, and not unusual, but what I heard on the phone was, " You are failing as a mom. He should be at this benchmark, and is not good enough, so we are going to put him in the nursery indefinitely. Thanks for your understanding."

My instinct was to reply, "Well, forget it. I think he's doing just fine, and we'll just keep him home then. Thankyouverymuch."

BUT...in the four hours he was gone, I was able to accomplish:

-two calls to doctors' offices
-Belle's Bible, Spelling and Math lessons with her
-a load of laundry
-put away another load
-complete a phone diaper survey and earned $10 (Thanks Darby & Arquest!!!)
-upload first day of school photos
-post two posts to my blog (you're welcome)
-enjoy three cups of coffee (okay, that I can do with three kids, too, but i think i enjoyed them a bit more yesterday-and it was just half-caff, for those of you who are concerned)
-grocery shop for the week (after this incident, there is NOOOO Way I even attempt to grocery shop with three)

SOOOOOOOO, Boo will report to the Two Year Old Class tomorrow. I will be sad, he will likely not even notice. I hope he doesn't. And I keep thinking that maybe this may be a blessing in disguise. Maybe his new teacher will really help him in his potty training, and will be more understanding of the stage he is in right now (another post, another day...maybe)

Okay. I feel better now. Thanks.

(Update: Since getting the biggest bag of candy Albertson's sold, Boo is making BIG progress in potty-ing. A side note, I'm now two inches bigger around my mid-section. But we are called to rejoice with those who rejoice, right? Just doin' my part...)

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care said...

Ehhh -- sorry! I can relate a bit as we've had to deal with the effects of holding Ethan back this year. I know every kid is different and I've heard say that it's best not to even START potty training until 3 for boys . . . but, the book, How to Potty Train your Child is less than a Day worked like a charm on BOTH my boys so I'm all about recommending it now! Worth a try. Most importantly, don't sweat it! You know it won't last! :)

christygirl said...

I second not sweating it. I don't have the stress of MDO expectations, but I did hope to have at least a few months of NO diapers before getting right back on the diaper coaster in March. But Aidan isn't even interested in the toilet most days. We wore underwear for exactly 3 days, but after (on day three) he had at least 40 accidents (mostly in the car oh joy) we went happily back to diapers for awhile. He turned 3 in July. Oh well.