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Sunday, February 1, 2009

(photo:Kat's Kitchen)

Last week, our little class read Farmer Boy Birthday. Almonzo has a birthday and his mom celebrates with homemade (of course) donuts...so, I thought, sure, why the heck not, let's fry some donuts with 12 kids! Later, I heard some of the mom's talking about the brave little house teacher, and it made me feel better for being a little ovewhelmed once we actually started frying...
We spent the rest of the time finishing up our rag dolls from the week before.

This week we are reading Sugar Snow, while dipping bread in to real maple syrup. Then we'll construct our own log cabins using pretzels, graham crackers, icing and small goldfish cartons. And if we have time, I'm bringing scrapbook paper to make paper quilt squares!

Unrelated:I got some candy!

2 Creative People Had This To Say:

Curdie said...

You made donuts with a class of twelve and there weren't any injuries? I'm very impressed :)

care said...

I can't believe you actually made donuts!!!! I don't know that I'd even attempt that alone at home! How did they taste?