{A Sweater Makeover}

Monday, February 9, 2009

This sweater was on the pile to be taken to Goodwill last week. I liked it still, but whenever I put it on, I felt it made my arms and shoulders look so big. So I haven't worn it all winter. Angry Chicken's done some sweater make-overs, but she's a professional. Only because this sweater was on the giveaway pile was I able to muster the courage to do one myself.
(please excuse the focus, this was taken after 3 cups of coffee, and I was in a hurry for the thrill of taking scissors to a perfectly fine sweater)

I straight stitched the edges after I cut right down the center, and then washed it, to felt the edges a bit. Add a little Kimba-Made brooch knock-off and viola! Better? I think so, with a pink tank underneath...I think this is my year for cardigans-LOOOOVE THEM! (said in my best Maya Rudolf voice-or was that Cheri Oteri?)

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