I Can't Hear You!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Boo and I played a little game this weekend. It goes like this:

Me: (mouthing) I love you.
Boo: I can't hear you.
Me: (barely audible) I love you.
Boo: I can't hear you!
Me: (whispering) I love you!
Boo: I can't hear you!
Me: (now audible) I love you!
Boo: I can't hear you!
Me: (shouting) I LOVE YOU!!!!
Boo: Oh, okay. (giggling)

After about our third round of this, I realized this wasn't just a game we were playing.

A few weeks ago, he asked me if I loved him. I cringe as I admit this, but my smiling, but sarcastic response was,

"What do you think? I make your breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday and make sure your bed has clean sheets each Monday morning." and I did not say, but meant, "so obbbbb-viously, I love you, right?"

But a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to a hungry child does not scream, I LOVE YOU. This is barely audible love, if not at times, simply mouthing love.

What my son needs from his mother right now, and every day is, kissing, cuddling, and silly, conversations that scream I LOVE YOU!

So from our little weekend game, I am motivated this week to shout my love to my boy, and my other boy, and my girl. I pray they hear and giggle with me.

14 Creative People Had This To Say:

southerninspiration said...

Can you ever say those three words too much????? Me thinks not....thanks for the motivation!


"MissMelissa" said...

i LOVE this!!! my daughter (2.5 yr old) and i have been doing the I Love You thing back and forth for a few weeks now! :D Now, that's some great motivation.


Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Beautiful post! And so true...

I try to remember to tell my youngest that I missed him while he was at school. I know he misses me and I think it's a comfort to him to know that I was feeling the same while we were apart.

Anonymous said...

Awww, This made my day when i read this! What a sweet little game you two play! Hope you are having a great day!

Tänia said...

I love those three little words. Can't hear them enough!

Tänia of Faith Prints

Rachel said...

What a sweet picture. Almost made me cry!

Kyla said...

So, so, sweet! The three most important words in the world! What a wonderful post. Thanks so much for sharing!

Mylestones said...

This is great! Great reminder to love OUT LOUD with the precious ones around us!

emily said...

I love it. So true! And what a great game to play :) Thanks for linking up!

Just a lass hiking with Jesus said...

It is taking me a long time to really start loving out loud more to my kids. Thanks for the encouragement to keep it up!

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Makes me think about Rev Tevya asking his wife Golda, "Do you love me?" in Fiddler on the Roof.

It is SO important that kids know beyond a shadow of a doubt that their Mama loves them :)


Crissie said...

What a beautiful post!!!! Thank you for motivating me to holler at the top of my lungs how much I love my kiddos...


Amy Jo said...

This is beautiful; what a great reminder for me to do more than acts of love/service and to speak of my love out loud.

Rachel said...

this did bring tears to my eyes ... sooooo SWEET. what a great lesson. and the photo is fabulous. what a TREASURE.