{Tissue Boxes and Toilet Paper Rolls}

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Some weeks ago, a friend was over and saw my bottlecap and cork collection in a kitchen cabinet. When she asked what I was saving them for, I told her that you never know when you'll wish you'd been saving things to make something else. What I didn't tell her was that I was also collecting toilet paper rolls for the same reason. And tissue boxes. And peanut butter jars.

You see, I live with an obsessive crafter. Okay, she's five, but she needs supplies.

And since we had a few rainy days last week and a few days of mommy's-sick-and-not-going-anywhere-days, this is what eight toilet paper rolls and a tissue box makes:

Although, while I was saving tissue boxes, and toilet paper rolls, I had to find places to store them, or use them in the meantime. And I found some real uses for them:

Toilet paper and paper towel rolls make great craft room organizers! I:

*Roll loose ribbon around;

*Use them like napkin rings to keep fat quarters and remnant fabric pieces stored in baskets.

Tissue boxes can be found in my:

*bathrooms, under the sinks to keep grocery bags for when I empty the wastebaskets;

*laundry room, to stick dryer lint. If I keep this til winter, I'll have free fire starter!

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11 Creative People Had This To Say:

Sarah Mae said...

Aren't you miss creative - wow! Very cool castle!

Amy said...

Love that castle- so creative!

I go through spells where I save everything, then I pitch (recycle) all of it because I get on a decluttering rampage. Maybe someday I'll have a good storage system worked out! :)

My WFMW tip links up to a coupon for free reusable tote bag, good today only.

MamaHen Em said...

That's awesome! What a great castle! Now I have an idea for all the toilet paper rolls that I can never throw away!

Erin @ Closing Time said...

Great ideas! I have so many toilet paper and paper towel rolls that I am saving for "something"!!

Sawatzky family said...

Thanks for sharing such a great idea!
I am not a saver but I will start saving them now just so my kids and I can try our hand and a castle! Love it! :)

Monica said...

Fun idea!

Mrs. Jones said...

We just did the same thing in the class I teach! We made catapults too.


Sarah said...

Very nice! I love your list of uses for tissue boxes....I am going to save them for bag holders in the bathrooms. I recently saw a craft idea with paper towel roll sections covered in fabric and buttons to make napkin holders. Thank you for linking to Kid Friendly Friday!

Holly@MotherIsNotConcerned said...

I love the castle. Thanks for the ideas!

jennwa said...

What a great castle.

I am always saving suppliestoo. Now my husband never throws away any container before asking,"Do you need this?"

Amy Jo said...

This is funny....

I didn't know laundry lint could be used as fire starter. Guess I should start saving it up too for summer bonfires.

Last night I found an idea that used toilet paper rolls to hold soil as a seed starter. I've got 2 rolls holding sunflower seeds and I'm waiting for more paper to run out so I can do more!

Dang. those are big peanut butter jars. Maybe I should start buying that size too so I can use them for something cool.