The Girls' Paper Beads

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

belle and her friend from across the street made these the other day.  i think on the fourth snow day.  

i gave them the spring boden catalog.  I love boden, but didn't see anything in the most recent catalog.  now, the fall issue- I'm still holding on to for when a few things go on clearance...

they ripped out all the pretty pictures and cut isosceles triangles out of them.   then using a flour/water mix (since we were out of liquid glue), they painted glue on the triangles, and rolled them around toothpicks and thin paint brush ends-starting at the base and rolling to the point.  
they gently slid them off and let them dry.  

they made all sorts of sizes, but if you are pretty exact in your size and use a diamond glaze after they've dried, the beads can have another, pulled together look.  

ok, i just realized one of those beads looks more like something someone might smoke than it does a long white and brown bead.  but they didn't notice, and neither did i at the time.  oh well.

what did you do on your snow days?  no snow days?  ok, what 'd you do last week? 

1 Creative People Had This To Say:

Red Poppy | Pink Peony said...

Great snow day idea! Those would make cute necklaces or garlands. The last thing I did was make some Valentine's Day cards, but they consisted of just stamping and stickering plain cards. :)