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Friday, February 18, 2011

I think Belle might add Homemade Glitter to our must have art supplies.

Simple Homeschool has a fun series, A Homeschool Day in the Life of...I'm not sure how to link to the entire series, but from that post you can find others.

Download a free audiobook copy of Russell D. Moore’s Adopted for Life.  Then we can discuss it. 

Steady Mom shared 5 tips for gentle, positive discipline.  I've decided I'm going to implement #1 more.  And #5.  And probably #'s 2-4, too.

CrafterMinds shares 5 Ways to Increase Pageview for craft bloggers.  I'm really late on things, so if you can explain StumbleUpon to me, I'd be very grateful.  I signed up.  Now what?

Do you share links that you love?  I'd love to see them.  Leave a link in the comments, and I promise I'll check them out.  promise.

happy friday!

5 Creative People Had This To Say:

Brenna said...

Just had to say I LOVE that homemade glitter!! We are SO going to do that here at Pecan Bluff.

Tonia of Chic Modern Vintage said...

Homemade glitter I love it.

Red Poppy | Pink Peony said...

Since I'm new to the blog world, I've been trying to find cool and interesting sites. Some of the ones I really like are,, and Check them out!

I'm Kristen, the pajama mama said...

awesome, thanks, Sharon. I will!

Heather - said...

Thanks for linking to Crafterminds!