Our best year yet! What we do for School 2012

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The kids are working semi-independently at the moment, so I thought I'd sum up what we're doing for the school year.  By the way, so far, this is going brilliantly and there is no sarcasm there.  I'm really pleased with what we're accomplishing!

  • On Mondays we join our coop where my kids take all the sciences that are offered. This is me being realistic and thankful for other moms who like to teach science. They are also taking Latin (Prima Latina and Latina Christiana) with me! 
  • Tuesdays, we are reading The Story of the World: Ancient Times and writing narrations of what we've read.  We do two days worth of Learning Language Arts through Literature to make up for Monday.  And we do a lesson in either Singapore Math (boys) or Saxon (Noelle). 
  • On Wednesdays, I'm asking them to be pretty independent and do another LLATL lesson and math lesson, asking for help when they need it.  They finish any homework from coop, including their Latin lessons. They also have their piano lessons in the morning. 
  • Thursdays are more like Tuesdays, but we will do a SOTW project and library book reading on the chapter we covered on Tuesday.   Two days worth of LLATL (to finish the week's lesson), and another math lesson.  
  • We call Fridays Foundations Fridays because we do the Classical Conversations Foundations program with our friends.  This is so fun and impressive.  What the kids (and I) can memorize in a week's time is no less than amazing.  
I think this is the least number of subjects/workbooks/andsuch that I've ever used in the 5 years we've schooled at home.  But it's going swimmingly so maybe that is why?  I'm sure there are a number of factors (I've added a student-as Ben is now Kinder-age!) but I'm thankful!  

Hope you are loving a new season, too!  

4 Creative People Had This To Say:

care said...

Can I send my kids to Sunna School?

Catie said...

I'm thinking of using SOTW too. :) Glad homeschooling is going well for you! Great pictures. :)

Amanda said...

what is the classical conversions thing? or should I google it? :) Sounds great--glad you're having a great year!

Amanda said...

lol--how about classical conversations. I haven't had coffee!