Friday, August 22, 2008

Our Home Study is this weekend!!!

"Home study? What is a home study, PajamaMama?"

Thanks for asking. I can't go into the details right now...but here's a short description from Jamie over at Operation Battle Station:

"The home study process includes social workers coming out to your home to make sure your cleaners are not in the toy box and that you put new batteries in the smoke alarms after that ill-fated night last winter when they all simultaneously started beeping, causing their alarm innards to be unjustly ripped out by a crazed undie-wearing madman. They also ask you if you like each other and if you will be nice to an adopted child, they ask how much money you make and what books you are reading, what you favorite color is and if you tivo SuperNanny. If you perform correctly, they write up a favorable home study for you and give you a stamp of approval."

YAY! Can't wait to add Sunday's date to the sidebar timeline!!!!!

2 Creative People Had This To Say:

christygirl said...

This Jamie is pretty funny. Bloggers are so witty. So...are we supposed to tivo...or not?

Leaning on Him said...

Don't forget the lollipops! :>)
I'll pray that everything goes smoothly for you all. I'm so glad that you get to add something else to your adoption timeline too. I was wondering how long it would take for the "next step".