Home Study visit? Check!

Monday, August 25, 2008

YAY! Our Home study visit is done. Now it should be a week or so for it to be written up by our social worker, sent to the Home Study agency, then to us to check then to our adoption agency...as I type that, it sounds like it's going to take at least a month...sending back and forth. We'll see.

The actual visit went great, I think. The social worker was very nice and didn't ask anything too invasive or uncomfortable, but the interview still lasted a little over 3 hours. I had no idea how deep the questions would go, or how the kids would play together or occupy their time. But we made it without anyone climbing on the counters or walking into the living room without any pants or under-roos on.

I found myself working out my pre-visit nervous energy by cleaning. I knew I could never get the whole house clean so picked key areas to focus on. For example, over the last few months, the freezer has become very disorderly. There were bags of peas on the bread shelf, bagels on the shelf designated for protein-soy, fish, etc. And weight-watcher ice cream cups tucked away in any place that would allow the door to close. Just crazy. Clearly this needed attention before the visit. I also emptied and cleaned out the bottom tray of the toaster...crazy crumbs were not about to come between us and the child waiting for us.

Child. Did you notice I used a singular noun? Yup. We are having our home study written up to request a girl under 12 months from Ethiopia. We think adopting two at separate times will be better for everyone. I thought I would be disappointed to arrive at this decision but I'm really excited about the individual attention we'll be able to give our new daughter. And I feel less afraid of becoming overwhelmed with going from 3 to 5.

Thanks to everyone who prayed for us and our visit. I really don't think it could have gone any better.

Okay, I'm off to update the sidebar timeline! Happy Monday!

2 Creative People Had This To Say:

Leaning on Him said...

Yay God and yay you! I'm glad that it went well for you. And I look more and more forward to meeting the new addition to your family!!!

Angi said...

That's great Kris!Pls come over and clean out my toaster, sweep my floors, whatever you want. I'm there for you. Miss you so much!