What Should We Get Daddy For His Birthday?

Friday, August 22, 2008

This is a lunchtime interview with my kids before we went birthday shopping for Daddy.

PajamaMama: So, kids, what should we get Daddy for his birthday? What kinds of things does Daddy like?

Belle: He likes red.

Boo: Will there be cake?

Belle: Maybe we can make him a red plate with a heart on it!

PajamaMama: Sooooo, what can we get Daddy for his birthday?

Belle: If he likes red sometimes, we should get him a plate that's red and shaped like a heart.

P-Mama: Really? Do you think Daddy wants a plate? Do boys like plates?

Belle: Yes, because they couldn't eat if they didn't have a plate.

P-Mama: So is it the plate or the food they like?

Belle: The food.

P-Mama: SO, what should we get Dad for his birthday?

Belle: A pretzel.

P-Mama: Is that all?

Belle: A new soccer ball!!!!!

P-Mama: What does Daddy like to do?

Belle: Go swimming sometimes.

Boo: Ride his bicycle!!!!!

Belle: He already has a bicycle. We can get him a birthday CAKE!

Belle: We should get him a birthday cake because it's his birthday and we can't have a party for him without a cake!

P-Mama: Any other ideas?

Belle: A basketball.

P-Mama: Anything else?

Belle: A football.

P-Mama: Anything else?

Belle: His very own treats because he's so good at doing the right things and not being mean.

P-Mama: What kinds of treats?

Belle: What does he like to eat?

P-Mama: I don't know. What does he like to eat?

Belle: Don't know. What did we have at Tata's house that he loved? Oh, strawberries! How 'bout strawberries?

P-Mama: Baby, stop throwing pretzels on the floor.

Belle: Baby, what do you want to get Daddy for his birthday? What? Puppy?
Belle: I think Baby wants to get Dad a puppy.

Boo: Look at my mouth!!!!!!! (oozing with peanut butter)

P-Mama: Crazy kids...go wash your hands, let's go shopping.

And the rest is history. But you can read about it here.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Smarty!

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