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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Anyone crazy frugal enough to make their own diapers?

We've just made the switch to cloth diapering but honestly haven't seen any extra savings...BUT I know it's just more costly upfront. So I'm being patient and in the mean time making a few more to get us through the day.

Curious about making your own too? Check out these helpful tutorials:

-Ottobre Designs-a thorough pdf pattern
-Mama Bird -more pdf's for AIO's, fitted, contoured...
-Goodness Gracious Diaper-complete cute fitted instructions

Okay, so do you cloth diaper? Fess up-how much do you think your entire investment has been? How soon did you see the savings?

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21 Creative People Had This To Say:

Karina said...

I was all for cloth diapers when my first baby was born! I even went to the trouble of sewing my own with velcro and elastics... somehow I didn't realize how many times a day a little newborn could poo, not to mention how runny it is and difficult to contain in these cloth things! I think my cloth diapering venture lasted about a day. I hadn't made enough to properly get me through a day, and I didn't want the extra laundry (which I thought would probably add up in $$ too). I've found Costco to have the best diapers for your money, and looking back on it $30/mo for diapers isn't that bad? considering the convenience and ease of clean-up.

I know many ladies use cloth for environmental/health reasons, and that's a totally different topic.

Good luck! :)

Kira said...

LOVE our cloth diapers! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Total investment was, I don't know, $250? We went with the BumGenius. For baby #4 I'll be making my own, as the BG's fell apart but the liners are still in good condition and are fan-freaking-tastic. Just keep your eyes open for sales on cotton flannel, and stock up when you find it! Luckily, not terribly much is required for each diaper. Good luck, what a cute cloth covered tushie!

Traci~ Ordinary Inspirations for the everyday wife, mommy, and homemaker said...

Thanks for the idea... but I think I'll save my sanity and use the disposable! haha

Have a great one.


Mrs. Bianca said...

We started off with G Diapers, but once DD became mobile, it wasn't as easy for us to contain the messes. We did the disposable ones, but when she broke out into a HORRIBLE rash from the chlorines and such, we opted to go cloth, We invested in 8 Bum Genius diapers to get us through the diaper rash. Since we didn't invest in the sprayer (, we now only use them at night. We discovered that she wasn't allergic to 7th Generation and since we do the Amazon monthly subscription, it saves us some $$.

For the next one, if we have another, we'd definitely like to use more cloth and will probably invest in another 8 - 10 at the time. We even considered using a diapering service to launder them for us too. Did you make your own wet bag?

Cloth diapers breathed so much better that DD didn't suffer from the rash, so it saved us quite a bit of money in those visits (we were going every time the super duper diaper rash cream ran out). Since she was exclusively using them for a few months, we made back our investment in that time, just on not having to purchase the diapers.

Leaning on Him said...

he looks like baby tarzan! Are you making him lift weights? :) too cute!

btw, you're very brave!


I love cloth. I have totally seen a difference in our budget but that's because I got a lot of hand-me-downs or finds on Craigslist.

Baby 3 is still in diapers (20 months) and has grown out of my cloth diapers, so I'm also looking into making some larger ones. Let me see if I can find my patterns.

Baby 4 is due in December so I'm also looking into making some wool covers out of old sweaters...I'll look for that pattern too.

Good luck!


Whoa I forgot how many links and patterns and ideas there are out there!

Here are the two patterns I was talking about.

Covers out of a sweater (use wool not acrylic - it's amazing)

Inserts/prefolds made out of old t-shirts

Oh and I might add - I do usually have a pack of disposables in the car, 'just in case' and also for those stressed out/freakout/laundry overload days.

Oh goodness one more thought - baby #1 cloth diapered for maybe one day. Baby #2 maybe a week. Baby #3 somewhere between 6-9 months I don't remember. The only reason I stopped was because she outgrew everything I had! Baby #4 coming in Dec so I'm preparing better this time so I can keep it up full time.

So roll with the punches and don't over stress or judge for any stops and starts, it's all cool :)

Valencia said...

I wish I could sew cloth diapers. I wish I could sew Great job mom!!

Aimee said...

I have been using bum genius diapers for Zane off and on since Christmas (that's what he got from all the fam:)) I love them, but this summer it's been harder to use them since we have been gone so much. I really wanted to start to help with potty training, but I don't think it's working:)

care said...

This is going to show my ignorance about cloth diapers . . . I've considered the idea, but that's as close as I've gotten. But you are out and running errands and you have a big dirty stinky diaper. What do you do with it? Leave it in the hot car? Obviously DD are good for when you are out and about, but I don't know if I'd remember to constantly change him before running out. What do you do?

Kristen, The Pajama Mama said...

care-ha! good question...i guess we just don't run and long errands so it hasn't been an issue...quick trips to pick up milk, etc. are about all i can handle with three. i do bring a plastic bag to wrap a wet diaper in, and if it was a stinker, I would make a real effort to dispose of the solids before putting it in the plastic bag (i'd love a wet bag, but haven't made one or bought one yet.) if i have Baby in the church nursery i put a dd on him...this is just an experiment -we'll see if i stick with it...i just tell myself every day i use only cloth i'm saving at least $ adds up.

MamaMiaMelissa said...

I didn't sew my own, but I definitely bought and used cloth diapers! First of all, I LOVED THEM. Second, I would say I spent roughly 100-150 in diapers and such, so it probably took me about what, 3-4 months to recoup the money?? :) But, I didn't buy all brand new ones, some were, but some were used.

Think about it, if you spend $150 startup and you're spending 12-15 a week.. that's 60 a month or more in diapers... could even recoup in 2 months. Of course, someone said $30 a month... so, 5 months. Even that is good, I think!! Especially since they're in them for 2 years or 3 or 4 (ok, hopefully not that long)!! :)

That is assuming one-size-fits-all, though, and not buy sizes for each stage.

But I didn't buy them for the cost savings alone. I actually liked the freedom of being able to have them right there. Yes, you have to clean them, but that wasn't as bad as I thought it would be! :)

ok... I also did not use a wet bag. i put the diapers in a plastic pail (or small trash can) and then when i got enough from a day or two, i did an extra small load. the only time she went in store bought was when she was at daycare or we were traveling somewhere... even then, i put her in cloth as much as possible!! :) plastic grocery bags are invaluable!!

...who clearly has too much to say about cloth diapers! LOL

MamaMiaMelissa said...

PS. Ok, it probably sounded gross to buy used diapers... but, I got them and washed them (and they had already been washed). The ones with snaps fit better and worked very well (with soakers). The ones with velcro didn't fit my daughter as well... but I imagine every child is different. :)

1. soakers are very important. you can put one or more in depending on how heavy they go.

2. the water-proof material is a must. AIO (all-in-ones) are the best. but i did use separate soakers.

3. i would not hesitate to cloth diaper another child!

Tonya said...

I had planned on doing cloth diapers for my last child, but at my baby shower they threw me a diaper (disposable) pyramid so I had so many from that, I never got to try my cloth ones. )-:

MissMeliss said...

oh dear... i didn't know you were going the prefold route!! LOL you know what i would do if it were me? ... i'd probably have to try to find some of the AIO material and sew it over the prefolds!! hahaha

i'm sure you have plastic pants, but they just aren't the same. have you gotten any wool covers? apparently, they can help, too. so, my guess is if you did the prefold and find a suitable cover, it might work OK... i might just have to send you some elastic and get you to sewing!!! ROFL

ps. please know that my post about working mamas was not to insinuate that ALL mamas don't need the same stuff. i feel sort of embarrassed now that i didn't think of putting it that way. hoping you and all others didn't take it badly!!

MissMeliss said...

hey again!

the kind i have are similar (if not the exact) to Nubunz... lots of snaps to help customize the fit. but speaking of dipes, i do have one or two that are bigger that mia might have worn once or twice... that are a different brand. i might pull them out tomorrow and take a look at them for you. i know it's only one or two, but it might give you an idea!

i left you my email addy on my site too if you want to write there... either way is fine with me! :)


Jane said...

I don't have kids yet, but I am planning and researching cloth diapers. What I have read is that each diaper basically fits different and to buy an assortment and find the ones you like. That said, budget and lifestyle wise, I am thinking of doing a G diaper part dd and part cloth system. I see lots of G diapers ending up on craigslist and I plan to stock up on partially used packages. Then use cloth inserts in the G's for home. DD g inserts for out of the house. Also they sell these flushable liners on a roll that help with the poop. I want to try those too. We live in an apt. with a shared laundry so we shall see.

Kara said...

Hmmm, I'm not sure of our total initial investment, but I do know that I'm a pre-fold mama, so I've gone the cheapest route I know of. We've got 2 in diapers (though I think my son is on his way to potty training) and I shudder to think how much we'd have spent in just the past 14 months alone we've been diapering too if we were using disposables .... egads!

I prefer prefolds because I can use them for both my kiddos (my baby and my toddler) but, I'll confess that part of why our diapering is so cheap, too is that my sister also cloth diapers and many of our covers came from her.

I'm interested in some diapers as a better night time solution, like maybe some bumgenius or something, but again, I think we'd stick probably mainly stick with prefolds because they are cheap, easy, and easy to care for. (and I'm lazy like that LOL)

Thanks for your kind words on our Mission Statement. Oh, and yes, I'm on twitter - GranolaDaybook.

Best Wishes! Lovely blog you have here :-)

Jennie Skaggs said...

Hi, I am a new sewer. So I haven't sewn my own. However, I bought some originall from a wahm on ebay and then found used ones Kooshies about 20 of them for $30. Then I bought a couple of covers. They are working great and should last untill she is about 22 pounds. She is 17 now. I see a huge difference in savings as we are having to use expensive formula and buying a lot of diapers isn't an option. We probably do 50/50...and of course buying disposables in bulk helps too. I will check out your links as when she gets bigger I will need some new ones.

Jennie Skaggs said...

As for the question of what to do with can make your own wetbag. I have 2 of them and they work great. You use pul on the inside and fasten with a zipper. Then just toss in the wash with the diapers. Though the covers need to be washed separately.

Anonymous said...

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