How to Guarantee The Phone Not To Ring

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Step 1: Never leave the house, even though your agency has every phone number you've ever been associated with.

Step 2:  Mentally calculate West Coast time, where your agency is, every 15 minutes.

Step 3:  Make husband leave family cell phone home, and keep checking for a signal and battery power on the hour.

Step 4:  Keep all house phones within reach at all times.

So far, this simple plan has worked for me.  

Yes, I'm going crazy.  But she is going to be worth it.  I just know it!


9 Creative People Had This To Say:

Katie & Tim said...

that is just adorable! she WILL be worth it, and you'll probably be somewhere doing something without your phone...just that ONE time, and then you'll have to go sprinting back to get it. haha. or maybe you have a lot of pockets on you all the time. :)

care said...

Hang in there! Can't wait to hear the news too! Glad you had a good trip -- wish I could have seen you!

Teri Lynne said...

Kristen, I just cannot wait until you get that call!! I check to see if it's happened all the time. So don't forget to write a quick blog when that phone rings!!!!

Shonah said...

So true! When I was waiting for the call telling us whether we had passed court I did not leave the house almost all day. When I finally broke down and went to the store they called. I found out Esuyawkal was ours while I was in the snack aisle at Jewel:)

Christina said...

Can't wait for the day we get the post that you got the call! Still praying for you.

Braley Mama said...

He so makes us wait, what's up with that God? :)

Monica said...

Try leaving your house with your cell battery almost dead. I never do that, but the one time I didn't realize it wasn't charged was when the call came so I had to wait until I got home to get the news. The call will come at the perfect time and she will definitely be worth every second of the wait!

September said...

Great post Kristen! Thinking of you now all week! Can't wait to read the news!
Love your new blog format btw!
Hang in there! His timing will be perfect!

Kayla said...

Saving a prayer for you. I know the wait has been long but she will be worth it and more!