Of bread and aprons

Monday, January 25, 2010

My kids have been on a baking kick.  They start asking to make something right after their first PopTart. Maybe if we made a nutritious breakfast they wouldn't be so starved for baking.  But it's so easy to send them to the pantry while I put in my contacts and start the coffee maker.  sigh.

I caved today and decided since I had lemons sitting in our fruit bowl, we would use them for something other than a drink garnish.  I think it was called Lemon-Yogurt Snack Bread.  The kids devoured it right after this picture was taken.  I liked it alright, but it could have been sweeter to satisfy my brand of tooth.

This is what I wore while I was being domestic with my brood.  My mother divvied up her apron collection over the holidays.  This one is made from an awesome vintage nautical themed fabric with orange accents.  I adore it.

And I adore all of you.  Thank you for all your sweetness from my last post.  I was able to be there for the funeral, and spend some serendipitous time with my family in my favorite state, the Garden State.  Hey, don't knock it.  It's got some sweetness all of it's own.

Unrelated:  Did any of you catch Conan's last Tonight Show?  His farewell speech was no less than moving.  


8 Creative People Had This To Say:

Mrs. Bianca said...

I would have to agree. Conan's farewell speech was so nice that I had to watch it a second time.

adore that apron too!

Kristen, The Pajama Mama said...

I think I may view it again, too, Bianca-wasn't his plea to young people wonderful?

Braley Mama said...

I <3 CoCo:)
And I <3 your apron!
Glad u are back:)

christygirl said...

All your pictures always make me want to go do/eat/make whatever it is...they're so pretty! (Sorry for introducing PopTarts, or your welcome, whichever.) ;)

September said...

Love the material in your apron Kristen! And as far as the baking.. I might have to put my Ezekial Bread away for a while.. and get my Grain Mill going! Mmmmm,... you always inspre me when I visit!
Once again... I loved stopping by!

Ana said...

Kristen, your pictures are amazing!!!! I love the bread and the apron and everything you do♥

Empty Nest Full Life said...

That looks so delicious and love the vintage apron!Jackie

Valencia said...

I hope to get started learning to sew. Just got to get into the grove. I've awarded you a blog award. Stop by to pick it up.