Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Here's my try at Miser Wat. Miser or sometimes Yamiser Wat (Amharic lesson: wat, also wot =stew), is a spicy red lentil Ethiopian dish made with berbere (pronounced like the always classic Burberry trench). Berbere is a red mixture of spices, with everything from cardamom to cayenne, but heavier on the cayenne, of course. I used 1 1/2 tsp of berbere in a recipe that served 6. We tend to like things hot but this was just right. We've only had this dish twice at the local Ethiopian restaurant, but we cleaned our plates both times, just as we did last night. It was YUM-MAY!

Somewhere between the first dip of injera to me licking the inside and rim of my bowl (hey, I said, I hearted it, okay?), I asked Mr. Smarty what he thought an Ethiopian would say about my attempt. Funny-Man that he is, he came back with, "WAT is this?" I'm still laughing.

P.S. FINALLY talked to someone at our doctors office today who said they will write/fax our health letter to our homestudy agency, which will complete all the documents they need. We've been waiting for our doc to write it for a month, but I have to trust God's timing in every step.

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