Weekend Painting

Saturday, July 26, 2008

I painted this oar from the summer clearances (90% off at Michaels) this morning:

Here is the other side of Belle & Boo's room (I've posted this before but now you can see where this wall is in their room):

While I was painting, Belle put her new smock to good use. Must make Boo a new one before Mother's Day Out starts...because I have to be THAT mom.

And to balance things out, here's Baby who's now in the "Everythings a Phone" stage:

And here he is with a waffle fry phone (and no comment on the princess pull-up Boo is showing him):

And a fork phone:

I think I'm going for the "Most Photos in a Single Post" Blog Award...I apologize if it was slow to browse....Have a great weekend, ya'll!

3 Creative People Had This To Say:

The Berry's Patch said...

I love that bedding in the kids room. And what little cutie pies you have.

Brandee :-)

care said...

I have the same "oar" in the boys room from a couple years ago. I had painted their names on it and then stained it. I think I like it painted better.

Leaning on Him said...

Wow--what a "tidy" kids room and the painting is great. I'm getting ready to post a bunch of pics of Hannah so don't feel bad! I love your kiddy pics--thanks for sharing! And btw, Hannah is in that phone stage too. :>)