Note to Self for Next Spring

Friday, July 18, 2008

Would you look at this cascading White Verbena? I must remember to try this project from Kimba next spring:

This is how she did it:

She buries the top pot about 1/3 to 1/2 way up so that it stays stable.
I have nothing to add, but "GEEEEEE-nius!"

4 Creative People Had This To Say:

Teal said...

I absolutely love that!
The challenge will be whether or not I remember to do this in the spring. Maybe if I mark my calendar now as a reminder!

Anonymous said...

I love this idea! So easy too.

Brandee :-)

Anonymous said...


Regarding your question-I change things constantly. My husband says I have OCD-obsessive compulsive disorder. But really I just want to find the best possible place for things. And because I'm home a lot I like to change things around to make it different.

Thanks for your compliment on my banner. It took hours to make it.

Brandee :-)

Saucy said...

I saw this on a TV show once and do you think I remembered it this year? Nah. Thanks for posting it! Now I'll put it where I will remember to do it.