More Bend the Rules Sewing

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Okay, let me just post one more time about this book, then I'm done, unless Angry Chicken wants to hire me to advertise for her (Amy, I'm totally available, by the way).

Random goodness from BTR Sewing (that I want to remember):

  • Use a new machine needle whenever you begin a new project. It may appear your tension is off, or the fabric is snagging, but it could just be a dull or bent needle. I know this is true, but need to get in the habit of changing my needles before they break mid-stitch!

  • The iron is your friend. Press before, during and after. It'll be worth it.

    And finally, before I get reported for copyright infringement,
  • "Mistakes are always much less noticeable in a week or so, and in a month will look amazing."

That sounds like a speed demon after my own heart!

1 Creative People Had This To Say:

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

I have not painted my armoire yet. I need to. I am doing it black.....distressed. I also have another cabinet thingy that I need to do with it. If I was home for a weekend, I may just get that done.