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Monday, February 8, 2010

  • Put up my LOVE sign.  It is February, you know. Printable font is here
  • Read a beautiful book, The Book Thief, last week.  Here's one of three quotes I saved from it
    • "'Look at the colors,' said Papa.  It's not hard to love a man who not only noticed the colors but also speaks them." 
  • Now, I'm reading a loaned copy of Backyard Homestead.  Any seasoned gardeners with tips for a newbie? Like where I can get free, clean dirt?
  • I've been talking to our agency.  No word yet, but I think our baby is at another orphanage, not one owned by our agency, so it is taking a while to get more information.  But soon, they tell me. Soon.     hmm-mmm.  I'll believe it when I hear it.   Adoption is not for the faint of heart.  And we haven't even met her yet.  
  • I'm taking an SLR Photography class starting at our local rec center.  Anyone in the Plano area interested in joining me?  
  • Stop by Better AfterOne Pretty Thing, and The Crafty Crow.  They are really cool sites, and you might see me over there!
  • Enough self-promoting...what are you all up to?


7 Creative People Had This To Say:

Ana said...

I love that garland!

Thanks for the lovely links♥

Valencia said...

Aww how sweet!! Love the garland and totally unrelated..WHO DAT!!!

Mrs. Bianca said...

fantastic, thanks! When is the class and how much? I might could join you!

Kristen, The Pajama Mama said...

Bianca! I originally signed up at one of the Plano rec centers, but a friend found some other class offered by Ritz on Preston on Tuesday evenings. They start the 16th, but I'm not sure how much they are. (It's called Ritz University)

I'm so excited for them!

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

I'm in Plano and would LOVE to take that class....but I'm guessing for an SLR class you actually need to have an SLR camera. Drats!

(can I tell you how excited I was to see that there is somebody in my google reader that's local?)

care said...

So wish I could take that class with you!!!! According to my mother, good clean dirt is called soil. (She gets offended when I call her garden soil dirt!) :)
Oh, and Spelling City was a big hit with the boys! Great recommendation!

September said...

Great Links Kristen! Thank you... I am making the LOVE Banner for a banquet I am catering..your ideas I so appreciate!
Btw- Don't miss my very-first Blog Giveaway! Today and ends tomorrow!
Enjoy that new class!