Make A Homeschool Yearbook

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

  The idea for me came from our paper mache pyramids that we made a few weeks ago.  They're pretty cool, but they take up a lot of space in our school room.  And we're kind of done with them.  
So now what?  
I don't want to just throw away Belle's project, but maybe I do.  But I need to document it first.  And taking a photo of it probably isn't enough.  It will only be lost in the sea of photos on my hard drive.  

But if we had a yearbook, I could document all of our projects in a small space.  

I'll also include a few other things for posterity's sake:

field trips
samples of best journal entry, work
science experiments
 a list of curriculum we used
our schedule or what a typical day looks like
co-op friends, neighborhood friends
piano pieces learned
soccer team photos

At this point, it's still an idea.  And the school year isn't over, so that's okay.  But I plan to use something like Shutterfly to make a photo book that also allows text.

Do you keep a homeschool or family yearbook?  What else should I include?  

7 Creative People Had This To Say:

Sharon Wheeless said...

Hmmmm. I hadn't thought about making a Shutterfly book. I might do that the next time they offer me a free one. Good idea!

Rob and Karina Barber said...

this is a fantastic idea! It's so difficult to throw away treasured projects or worksheets, but it gets much harder to store it all! I will definitely keep this in mind as we begin our homeschool journey overseas!

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

The first year in my homeschool journal page documents our philosophy of homeschooling and outlines our vision statement. I have listed out our key foundational Scriptures and characteristics of our home's atmosphere such as kind words, good deeds etc. Also the books we read aloud and the unit studies we completed. I don't go into great depth - it is just an overview but for each area I write about our philosophy. In the back pages I have written out inspirational quotes about education - quite a number came from the book 'Little Men' by Louisa May Alcott such as 'where the heart is the mind works best.' I have a page for special achievements - the letter telling my daughter that her story was going to be published in a children's book is there as is the drawing of South America that my 4 year old son brought me one day - he wasn't even being formally homeschooled then (we had made a salt dough map though!) but it was the realization of just how much a young child takes in and how hands on learning works. It was one of those epiphany moments for me as he rattled off names of countries he had drawn in the right location - that's Brazil, that's Argentina and so on as I listened and looked on in absolute astonishment. I knew this would be one of the drawings I would always keep! It's all hand written, very much a scrapbook and I definitely need to start a new volume as I have tended to use my blog to document our journey over the past few years.

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

OOPS I meant to say the first page in my homeschool journal!

Kelsy said...

sounds like a good idea

Mrs. Bianca said...

That sounds great. The idea of a full blown scrapbook seems daunting to me, but these mini books seemed doable:

I'm certain you could make your own with the kids too!

I love the Shutterfly idea too! They could even have pages to "sign" their names.

I'm Kristen, the pajama mama said...

ok, that link (the mini-book one) is awesome! yes, we will make a yearbook. thanks, b!