Healthy Kids Meals

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

We've been eating, for the most part, gluten-, dairy- and sugar-free since the beginning of the year.  So, like 3 weeks.  But it feels really good to be eating so healthy-that I really think it's going to stick.  

The kids are doing great on it, too.  Except for missing their chocolate milk (which we added back last week buying Horizons Organic Chocolate Milk), they haven't seemed to notice.  And they love the healthy lunch chart. They now know they need to eat from each category, and because they are fixing their own lunch, it sometimes looks like a hodge-podge of a meal-like rice noodles, tomato, pear and raw almond butter.  But it's balanced and healthy and they made it themselves so they eat it all.  And I'm happy.

Most days, we've settled into a lunch routine...Belle loves Nori rolls with brown sticky rice, carrots, tomatoes and avacado.  We've had a sushi roller for years.  I'm so glad she's getting use out of it. 

Boo fixes rice cakes with peanut butter and raisins-and usually a tomato.

We're still looking for good, filling snacks though...and ones that are good to grab and go.  Any ideas?  

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rebecca @ older and wisor said...

I'm so out of my league here. The only veggies my husband will eat are corn and potatoes. And fruit? Besides apples and oranges, forget about it. Needless to say, I blame my kiddos impossibly picky eating on his example.

(Berry blue kool-aid anyone?)

Congrats on making it almost a month already!!

Braley Mama said...

Those look so good!
I have just recently cut out sugar, and white flour. So I am a baby at this, and praying I can stick to it :O)
One thing I have found I love is making my own whole wheat bread and putting honey on it...yum :O)Thanks for the recipe ideas!

Mrs. Bianca said...

That's incredible that you've been able to cut out so much. Honestly, we are some dairy eating machines around here, which is odd because I'm lactose intolerant (mostly). ha ha...

We have started to can some things. We had such wonderful success with the applesauce that we were hoping to branch out more and doing it again with other items.

Rachael said...

Snacks are always my downfall.... I try to offer nuts, popcorn, raisins, celery with pb, yogurt, etc. as afternoon snacks. Sneaking in an occasional hot cocoa overloaded with marshmallows!! OOPS!

Ana Degenaar said...

There's nothing like eating healthy. I used to snack a lot until I married Frank. He never snacked that man! I asked him once and he said, I'd definitely had an apple but not chips... not that... I even blushed and decided I needed to follow his lead and we lived happily ever after... hehe

Ruth said...

I so want to start eating healthier. No more process foods. My hubby is a big junk food and snack fan. This is where we run into trouble. I would love some tips and recipes if you could share them.


care said...

Good for you, Kris! For a grab-and-go snack you could make trail mix and put it into little zip-lock snack bags! Just a thought! I congratulate you on getting the rest of the family on board! That's awesome!