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Friday, January 28, 2011

I'm saving Sarah's idea for a DIY credenza/buffet for when our dining room is no longer a schoolroom, or we no longer have little hands who like to rip books.  the day may never come, but i really like this project.  i also love her gallery wall behind it.

I may have to order some of these magnets for my brother, the photographer, for all the photoshop tutorials he's given me.  Thank you, Jon.

I love the ticking with gold triangles on this cosmetic purse.  So cute. I never would have paired the two, but I will have to think of a project to put the two together-and the tassel!

Appetite for Reduction may be the next cookbook I invest in.  Although it isn't gluten-free, it is vegan and low-fat.  Maybe it will help me get those stupid holiday pounds off without resorting to diet processed foods.  never again.

This tweet is a freebie-no click needed, but I had to pass it on:
@ To manage a life of pain, as a believer in Jesus, remember: This is all the hell you will ever have to bear.  
Have a beautiful weekend.

3 Creative People Had This To Say:

Ruth said...

I love the credenza and the wall behind it. They look fabulous. Wish I could do that here. We do not have much wall space. Lots of windows and doorways.


care said...

Love that Piper quote!

Empty Nest Full Life said...

Love the quote! What a great way to think when hard times come. Jackie